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All About the Canopy Tanning Bed

All About the Canopy Tanning Bed

A canopy tanning bed is a tanning bed option that allows for those with limited space to still have access to a tanning bed. They are designed for home use, and are portable, easy to maneuver and don’t take up a lot of space.

Traditional tanning beds are bulky, expensive and difficult to move, while a canopy tanning bed is a hood-type tanner that is mounted on a hydraulic support system and can be moved around on attached wheels. Because they are less involved than the traditional tanning bed, a canopy tanning bed is considerably less expensive than the usual style.

The canopy tanning bed can be adjusted to allow for all heights. You can lie on the floor on a towel or mat, or set it up over a lounge chair. A canopy tanning bed provides the same tanning power as the traditional type, but with a much easier to use style and more versatile setup. Many people find a canopy tanning bed far more comfortable than being stuck inside the clam-shell style of the traditional tanning bed, which can be claustrophobic to some people.

The canopy tanning bed tans only one side of the body at a time. It allows users to even out a previous tan or to selectively tan one are at a time. This means you will have to turn over at some point during the tanning session. The canopy can also be tilted to various angles, so you don’t need to lie flat if you don’t want to. Sit in a chair and tilt the canopy so the light covers you evenly. Many people find this far more comfortable.

For a home use choice, the canopy tanning bed has many advantages. If you are in search of a portable, affordable tanning option, consider a canopy type.

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