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All About the Carnival Cruise Credit Card

All About the Carnival Cruise Credit Card

Cruises have long been an excellent vacation option for those looking for a safe, fun way to travel, see exotic sights, and enjoy time playing, relaxing, resting, and eating great food without having to worry about transportation, hotel coordination, and the other stresses and hassels usually associated with travel. As such, cruise companies are always looking for ways to improve the experience for vacationers. Carnival, one of the largest cruise lines, has done exactly this with the creation of the Carnival cruise credit card.

The Carnival cruise credit card, which is presented through Mastercard, allows consumers to earn points which can be used toward the purchase of future cruises or for on-cruise expenses such as gift shop purchases. Since it is a Mastercard, it is accepted in nearly all retailers and can be used for purchases online or in person.

The deal is simple: for every dollar that you spend using the Carnival cruise credit card, you get one point. If you use it to make purchases while on a Carnival cruise, then you gain two points for every dollar spent, doubling your rewards. Not only that, but as a promotion, you can get a bonus five thousand points after your first purchase on the card, and you can get another bonus five thousand points for transferring a balance.

Once you are ready to schedule your vacation, you can redeem your collected points for a discount. The points can also be used for certain other cruise lines from leading cruise lines, if you so choose. When on Carnival cruises, you can use the points for onboard purchases or credits. A few of the possible products you can redeem points for include champagne, roses, a hundred dollar onboard credit, or a two hundred dollar spa credit, allowing you to maximize your relaxation and comfort without spending a lot of extra money.

The Carnival cruise credit card is ideal for people who enjoy cruises and use credit cards frequently to gain points. There are no annual fees for this card, making it easy to use. It all can be managed online, so you don’t have to wait on snail mail or customer service representatives in order to use the points you have earned.

With the casinos, spas, clubs, and gift shops on Carnival cruise ships, there are many options for entertainment and enjoyment. And with so much going on, the less you have to carry around with you, the better. Who wants to keep track of stacks of cash when trying to relax and have a good time? The Carnival cruise credit card allows vacationers to unwind, kick back, and relax without having to worry or stress out about finances. Leaving these worries behind, you are free to enjoy the many luxuries the cruise has to offer.

You are going to be making purchases throughout the year no matter what, and odds are good that many purchases will be made on credit cards. If you’re going to be spending the money anyway, then why not let the money work for you, earning you points to redeem for the enjoyment of your cruise? The Carnival cruise credit card will give you the opportunity to redeem points for discounts or goods, making the cruise that much sweeter.

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