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All About the CR123A Lithium Battery

All About the CR123A Lithium Battery

Are you looking for a replacement or new CR123A lithium battery ?  Have you searched all over and still having no luck?  If so, this article may be able to help.  Here, besides listing some of the functions of the CR123A lithium battery , we have also provided a brief guide to help you find a replacement battery for your own personal device.

What is the CR123A Lithium Battery ?

According to the manufacturer, the CR123A lithium battery (also known as the CR123A Streamlight lithium battery) is the very best replacement battery on the market today for any device that requires a 3-Volt lithium battery to power it.  The CR123A lithium battery is a popular choice for many digital cameras, flashlights and other small devices that use a 3-Volt lithium system.  In addition, the CR123A is the battery of choice for many Streamlight products including Streamlight Tactical Lights and Streamlight Scorpions.

The CR123A is a long-lasting battery that has an average shelf life of nearly 10 years, and is the perfect battery choice for any number of devices.

Where to Find the CR123A Lithium Battery

Fortunately, the CR123A lithium battery has become very popular these days, and is now relatively easy to find.  Here are just a few places where these batteries can be found:

  • Electronic Stores.  Stores such as Radio Shack and Best Buy regularly stock and carry the CR123A lithium battery .
  • Camera Shops.
  • Discount Stores.  Large discount chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Target usually carry the CR123A battery and they also sell it for a very reasonable price.
  • Amazon.  A simple search in Amazon and you’re sure to find the CR123A lithium battery either sold separately on in a value pack of 6 or more.
  • Other Online Sources.  Just type “CR123A lithium battery ” into your favorite search engine and you’re bound to come up with plenty of wholesalers and retailers for this popular battery.

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