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All About the Dually Truck

All About the Dually Truck

If your truck needs exceed the abilities of a standard pickup truck, you might want to consider choosing a dually truck.  The dually truck gets its name from the double rear wheels fond under the bed of the truck.  A dually truck has a much stronger rear end than a regular truck and a higher towing capacity than a standard truck, and can therefore work harder and pull heavier items such as large trailers.

A dually truck is not for everyone; they are more expensive in many cases and unless you have heavy duty needs for your truck, you may be ok with a regular type of pickup.  But for heavy duty jobs, a dually truck is often the best option, especially when you don’t need a commercial level truck but do want the option of being able to take care of big jobs when they are needed.  Dually trucks are often used on work sites as well as by anyone who tows a lot of heavy objects regularly, from boats to travel trailers to cargo trailers.

Dually trucks are manufactured by all of the major truck companies such as Ford, GMC and Dodge.  You can usually buy your favorite truck model in a dually version, which offers the double back wheels as well as a larger engine.  The body of the truck is very similar, but will have a wider wheel well at the back of the truck to accommodate the double set of wheels.  Like any other truck, you can purchase a dually truck with either a regular or crew cab, allowing you to transport as many people as you need to inside the cab while carrying or towing everything else you need as well.

Dually trucks are often also referred to as one ton trucks, although many of the models actually have much larger payloads than the one ton they were originally meant to offer, up to even two tons.  Most dually trucks are 3500 pickups, which is a classification that offers information about the power and payload of the truck.  Ford uses the term 350 instead.  This is considered to be the one-ton classification, although as previously discussed many of the dually trucks, even those labeled as 3500 level actually have a higher payload.

A dually truck is a very powerful vehicle that is not usually used as a daily commuter by most people.  If you are looking for a truck that can do double duty as a daily driver as well as a truck you can use for occasional towing or picking up of heavy loads, you will probably be ok with a half ton or three quarter ton truck.  But if your truck needs are truly heavy duty and you need a higher payload and better towing capacity, the dually truck will provide you with the best choice in passenger vehicles.  It will take care of all your personal truck needs as well as plenty of work-related jobs as well.

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