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All About the Epiphone Wilshire

All About the Epiphone Wilshire

Throughout the 1900’s, Epiphone has maintained a strong legacy as being among the best guitars in the world. And for good reason. Any seasoned guitarist knows the importance of having a reliable guitar made by a manufacturer with the experience and know-how to create a product that will outshine it’s competitors and provide the most bang for the buck. One of the more notable though often understated of Epiphone’s line of guitars is the Epiphone Wilshire, produced and sold during the 1960’s. Often referred to as the “poor-man’s Gibson,” it took a while before the world caught on that not only were the Epiphone Wilshires a great bargain, but they also provided unparalleled sound quality and ease of play when compared to almost any other model in the same price bracket. While they may have existed as a bargain back in the 1960’s, the antique market has since taken hold of the Wilshire legacy and prices have skyrocketed to upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 in today’s market depending on the condition.

The New Epiphone Wilshire

For more affluent Wilshire enthusiasts, Epiphone recently introduced a 1962 Epiphone Wilshire in Cherry, which combines a commitment to historical accuracy and remarkable attention to detail, as the first model of their “Epiphone Historic Custom USA” collection. These are limited edition and there will only be 100 guitars available on the market. Of course, thanks to the popularity of the antique Epiphone Wilshire, Epiphone has also taken it upon themselves to introduce a reissue of the 1962 Wilshire model SB-432. This allows fans of the vintage Epiphone Wilshire to enjoy the qualities that make the Wilshire great, without sacrificing a few months worth of rent checks for the original model.

The new Limited Edition Epiphone Wilshire is made in China and features a stunning Alpine white finish. With a solid mahogany body and mahogany neck that is set into the guitar, rather than being bolted in like many lesser models, Epiphone’s eye for quality and value is apparent. The reissue Epiphone Wilshire also features a slick rosewood fretboard with pristine rectangular pearl inlays, and perfect chrome hardware. Chrome is also featured in the covers for the respected Alnico brand pickups. The Wilshire is noted for it’s Fender-like appearance, with its unique bat-wing shaped headstock. The Wilshire also includes its famous Tune-O-Matic Bridge, with two volume and tone control knobs, as well as a three-way selector.

The Original Epiphone Wilshire

The original Epiphone Wilshire was designed to compete with the Stratocaster, featuring light weight portability, supreme sound, and ease of play. In fact, while the Epiphone Wilshire wasn’t made famous through him, Jimi Hendrix actually played this guitar in his early years, demonstrating even somebody with extreme talent can rock out without having to pay through the roof. For most guitar players, the Epiphone Wilshire reissue plays about as smooth as one can imagine. The design allows for quick finger movement and fast and easy playability, with a slick, slender neck that’s easy to grasp. Both the top and bottom of the body, as well as the set neck, all feature cutaways that help by allowing exceptionally high fret access and stellar support. It’s hard to beat the Epiphone Wilshire as a guitar for the truly devoted beginner.

Many claim that the Epiphone Wilshire creates more of a muddied blues-y tone, and isn’t ideal if your aim is true rock metal or electric guitar sounds. However, if you know your way around distortion and are well versed in the use of the three-way selector switch, there is no reason why you can’t achieve just about any desired tone or sound with this guitar. These Limited Edition Epiphone Wilshire guitars are currently priced at around $250 – $300, however these prices may go up quickly as they become less easy to obtain. Regardless of which version of the Epiphone Wilshire guitar you decide on, you can be sure that you’re purchasing the highest in quality and the best in class. The Wilshire definitely won’t let you down.

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