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All About the Euro Pillow

All About the Euro Pillow

Unlike the standard American pillow, the Euro pillow has a perfectly square shape.  The pillows that most of us sleep on in the United States are rectangular, and most pillow shams and slips are designed to fit this shape.  In recent years, however the Euro pillow has grown in popularity and is moving out of the purely decorative use for which they are most common and into the bed at night as well.

Decorative throw pillows such as the type mamy people use on their couch or on their bed during the day are usually square, but they are not a Euro pillow.  They are much smaller than the Euro pillow, which is large enough to use for sleeping.  While decorative throw pillows can come in just about any size, a Euro pillow is generally larger.  The standard size for a Euro pillow is 26″ by 26″. 

Finding shams for a Euro pillow was once only slightly less difficult than finding the pillows themselves in the United States, but fortunately the popularity of these pillows is on the rise which makes it a lot easier to locate both the pillows and the covers for them.  Many people still use these larger square pillows for decoration, and thus a lot of the shams on the market are decorative shams.  In some cases you may find that a Euro pillow sham is inlcuded in a bedding set or is available to match your current bedding set. 

If you are planning to sleep on the Euro pillow, you will want a softer and less decorative option to cover your pillow.  These can be a little harder to locate than the decorative type.  Most sheet sets in the United States come with standard size pillow slips.  In order to find a basic pillow slip for your Euro pillow, you may need to look in a specialty store.  Of course, the internet is always a good place to located things you are having trouble finding locally.  There are a number of internet sources for Euro pillow covers as well as for the pillows themselves.

Because the Euro pillow is square, if you want the pillows you sleep on to extend the length of your bed you may need three or even four of them across, depending on the size fo your bed.  Many people find that this allows more versatility for their comfort when sleeping.  Euro pillows also tend to retain their shape better than rectangular pillows which often become thinner in the middle of the pillow where the sleeper’s head often rests.  Euro pillows generally wear more evenly as there is no real center to the pillow lengthwise and you can rotate it to four different sides rather than two.

Whether for decorative purposes or for sleeping, the Euro pillow is quickly becoming more common in American homes.  As the popularity continues to grow, the availability of the pillows and covers for them in local bedding stores should increase, making it easier to locate and purchase them.

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