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All About the Fluke Infrared Thermometer

All About the Fluke Infrared Thermometer

The Fluke infrared thermometer offers the convenience of quick temperature readings with the accuracy you need. Available in multiple different models and types, the Fluke infrared thermometer offers no contact use for a wide range of applications where a contact option won’t work. There are even models that allow both contact and no contact readings in the same unit.

The Fluke infrared thermometer uses the latest technology to provide a handheld thermometer that can take an incredibly accurate reading of temperature even from a distance. The smallest model in the Fluke infrared thermometer lineup is the 62, which is the mini thermometer. It is perfect for carrying on job sites and comes with a belt holster that allows you to keep it at the ready. With its small size but powerful function, it’s the perfect go-everywhere choice.

The Fluke infrared thermometer 561 model is the all in one choice for those with multiple thermometer needs. It is a no contact infrared thermometer that can also be used as a contact thermometer. In addition, it comes with a flexible pipe probe that makes getting internal temperatures easy as well. This is the perfect Fluke infrared thermometer for every possible application, which means you won’t have to carry multiple different thermometers along everywhere you go.

The 568 and 566 models are two in one versions that can be used as contact or no contact infrared thermometers. Rugged, powerful and accurate, these thermometers can handle just about any task. They have a digital screen that allows easy readings and also allows you to log data to keep track of your temperature readings as you work.

Every Fluke infrared thermometer is designed to withstand tough work environments and continue to provide the most accurate readings. They use an extra bright laser that allow you to pinpoint exactly where you want to take a temperature reading and keeps you at a safe distance from dangerous situations including high voltage or extreme temperatures. With their ergonomic design and portability, these thermometers are perfect for even the most demanding work sites. Whether you need something simple and basic like the mini Fluke infrared thermometer or an advanced model that does everything in one, there is a perfect Fluke thermometer for you.

The Fluke infrared thermometer is useful in a wide variety of situations, including automotive work, electrical and mechanical jobs, and HVAC work of all types. Allowing easy readings of dangerous or hard to reach places, these powerful tools keep you safe while making sure you are also able to get the information you need quickly and accurately.

You can purchase the Fluke infrared thermometer from a variety of locations both online and in retail stores. Prices range based on the model of choice. Every Fluke infrared thermometer comes with a 2 year warranty and the company offers excellent customer service for all questions and concerns. The Fluke infrared thermometer is a tool you will find highly useful and even indispensible for many years to come, well worth the investment.

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