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All About the Garrity Flashlight

All About the Garrity Flashlight

No household should be without at least one reliable flashlight; when it comes to safety and emergency preparedness there should, realistically, be reliable flashlights in just about every room in your home. If you are faced with the need to purchase flashlights for your home, your business, or use in your car, RV, or boat then you should take a look at the Garrity flashlight product lineup. You are sure to find one that ideally fits your needs for a reliable flashlight at home or on the go.

Garrity Disposable Flashlights

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that can provide you with more than 150 hours of continuous light consider looking into the disposable Garrity flashlights. Both compact and durable, these great flashlights can easily fit into your purse for reliable light on the go or even slip neatly into your bathroom drawer to be ready on-hand in the event of a power outage in your home.

Because these handy little flashlights are so easy on the budget, they make an ideal option to give to the kids in your home. Another great choice for kids, especially on camping trips, is one of the keychain flashlight options or the LED Glo Lite that can provide up to 24 hours of continuous LED light in a range of colors that will appeal to all kids.

Emergency Preparedness Options

Garrity offers a wide variety of lighting options that are a must for your home’s emergency preparedness kits including the Self-Powered option that will never require batteries.

The Garrity Power Lite is not just a great battery-free option but it is ready to go at a moment’s notice – simply by turning it on and cranking its handle. An eco-friendly flashlight option that can provide you with a reliable source of light just when you need it should be on board every RV and boat.

Another great choice for emergency preparedness is one of the Garrity lantern flashlights like the Tuff Lite flashlights. Tough, water and weatherproof, this Garrity flashlight even floats! Garrity also makes an LED lantern that can be charged by a hand crank which makes it an ideal choice for camping trips or simply around the house if your area is prone to power outages.

Rechargeable Options

There is nothing more frustrating during an unexpected power outage than reaching for the flashlight in your kitchen drawer and finding that the batteries are out of power; fumbling and scrambling around in the dark for replacement batteries is no fun at all. Consider looking into one of the rechargeable Garrity flashlights that simply plug directly into your wall outlet; when the power goes out you can simply reach for the fully-charged LED flashlight plugged into your wall. Garrity even offers nightlight options that can provide you with a source of light in your home when there is a power outage.

No matter what your needs are for a reliable source of light, you are sure to find a Garrity flashlight to meet your needs.

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