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All About the GE Water Softener

All About the GE Water Softener

The GE water softener helps to reduce the many issues associated with hard water, such as scale buildup and hair and skin problems. Every GE water softener is easy to use, easy to install, and backed by one of the biggest names in home appliances, meaning you can have confidence in the durability and reliability of your water softener.

The GE water softener uses the traditional salt system to remove the minerals in the water that can cause hard water scaling. Iron, calcium and magnesium are all the minerals found in hard water that can lead to dry skin, failure of shampoo and soap to lather up and rinse away properly, and build up of hard water stains on shower and tub walls. Salt is the classic method of softening the water by removing these minerals. The GE water softener helps you to keep track of the salt level in the tank with an easy to read display that tells you when the salt is getting low and should be replaced.

Every GE water softener comes with everything you need to install and use it, so you won’t have to run around in search of missing parts. The complete installation kit is a standard part of the GE water softener package, and makes it quick and easy to get your water softener up and running.

The GE water softener uses a patented SoftSmart technology that ensures you have the right amount of softened water for your family’s needs by learning your water use patterns and applying them to the system’s supply of soft water. This makes a GE water softener not only a reliable choice but also an energy efficient and water smart choice, using less water as well as less energy to keep your water soft and ready for your use.

This savings translates into other areas as well; the efficiency of a GE water softener allows you to use less detergent for every load of laundry and get softer and cleaner clothes and towels as well. Because softer water cleans and lathers more efficiently, you will use less and see the difference not just in your fabrics but also in your energy and detergent bills.

The GE water softener can be used in any home with hard water and is available for plumbing sizes up to 1 -1/4”. The capacity of the GE water softener ranges from less than 20,000 grains all the way up to more than 40,000 grains, which means you can find a water softener that will provide all of the capacity you need no matter what your water usage needs.

The GE water softener is an investment not only in better energy usage but also in a better quality of life. Hard water causes a wide variety of problems and most if not all of them can be solved with the installation of a good water softener. With the GE name, you can be sure that your GE water softener will provide everything you need for a long time.

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