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All About the Generac Pressure Washer

All About the Generac Pressure Washer

The Generac pressure washer is a portable pressure washer that can handle all kinds of pressure washing duties around the house or in commercial environments. The Generac pressure washer was designed to meet the needs of the user, from the right amount of power, to the careful design of the water spray gun to allow for safe and comfortable use.

The residential line of Generac pressure washer models comes in three different choices. The PIS, or pounds per square inch of water pressure available in these models ranges from 2500 PSI to 3000 PSI, which is more than enough power to handle most residential projects. From cleaning the driveway to power washing your roof, the Generac pressure washer is up to the task. Every Generac pressure washer designed for residential use has a few basic features including horizontal shaft OHV engines for excellent power, easily accessible hose adjustments and ergonomically designed spray gun.

For commercial use, the Generac pressure washer is great choice as well. Higher PSI ratings up to 4000 PSI allow performance of even the toughest power washing tasks. With increased power and a welded steel frame, the commercial Generac pressure washer is designed to be durable and efficient when used regularly for heavy duty pressure washing purposes. The handle of the spray nozzle on the commercial versions has an adjustable auxiliary handle to increase the comfort level for the user, since those using pressure washers in commercial environments generally spend a lot more time running the washer.

All of the pressure washers designed and built by Generac have an automatic low-oil shut off that can prevent serious engine damage. They also all come with Quick Click nozzle tips that allow replacement without the user having to turn off the washer and interrupt the project at hand. Every Generac pressure washer is built to the same high quality standards, ensuring that you are purchasing a durable machine that will continue to function properly for many years and through many washing jobs.

Because the Generac pressure washer is portable, it can go with you no matter where you need to do a power washing job. Whether you own a commercial model and need to haul your pressure washer from job site to job site, or have a residential model you want to lend to friends or take down to the marina to use on your boat, the Generac pressure washer is mobile. The careful balancing of the axles means even the most rugged terrain is no match for your Generac.

Generac has been well known in the area of generators for many years; they have been in business since 1959 and built a strong customer base. The Generac pressure washer is a new addition to the lineup of products and is designed and built to the same high quality standards that made Generac one of the biggest names in generators. You can locate a Generac dealer by visiting their website and doing a dealer search; this will allow you to easily find the dealer nearest you.

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