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All About the Hookless Shower Curtain

All About the Hookless Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is a necessity on most modern bathrooms; unless you have sliding glass doors or a shower stall, you will probably require the use of a shower curtain. Unfortunately, hanging a shower curtain can be difficult and even dangerous, forcing you to stand on the edge of the tub and attempt to fit shower curtain rings through small holes. The hookless shower curtain changes all that and makes hanging a shower curtain not just easier but also gives a much more attractive and streamlined look.

The hookless shower curtain has large grommets built into the curtain at the top that replace the small holes for the curtain rings and render them unnecessary. Until recently, the hookless shower curtain was mainly seen in hotels, but it has made the move into residential use and is quickly becoming the most popular shower curtain option on the market. The hookless shower curtain does not usually require that you make any changes to your existing shower curtain rod, although many people do for aesthetic reasons. There are a few types of hookless shower curtain that are designed for use on a particular rod that opens up to let the grommets pass through.

In most cases, the hookless shower curtain is paired with a curved shower curtain rod for the best effect. The curved rod makes more room in the shower and prevents the habit of shower curtains to cling to people inside the shower. The hookless shower curtain works on curved or straight rods, but many people prefer to make the switch to the curved type. They can be easily purchased together, sometimes as a set.

The hookless shower curtain does not require that you use two separate shower curtains as with older types. The single waterproof layer keeps the water inside the shower, and you don’t need to use a liner to keep things clean. Installing and removing the hookless shower curtain is a breeze; although you will still need to reach the shower curtain rod, it doesn’t take nearly as long and you will not find yourself fighting with the shower curtain rings. Instead the simple system lets the shower curtain slip right onto the rod with no difficulty.

The hookless shower curtain comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so that you can find the right one to match your bathroom’s décor. The best selection of shower curtains is usually found online, but a local retailer might be able to custom order for you. Looking at the shower curtains in person is the best way to determine if the hookless type is right for your needs, so visit a store and check them out first, even if you decide to order online.

The hookless shower curtain, especially in combination with the curved shower curtain rod, provides any bathroom with an instant update that will improve the look and make it appear far more modern. The hookless shower curtain is not just a lot easier to use; it also looks a lot better in your home.

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