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All About the Hoshizaki Ice Maker

All About the Hoshizaki Ice Maker

Around the world the Hoshizaki ice maker is known as the gold standard in ice machines for commercial use.  In restaurants, hotels and other service industry locations, the Hoshizaki ice maker is a well known name, and provides durable and reliable ice making for large commercial operations.

There are a number of different types of Hoshizaki ice maker on the market today, and each is particularly well suited to a specific type of ice making need.  The different models of ice maker can produce different ice shapes and produce different amounts of ice depending on the requirements of the purchaser.  

The AM Cuber Hoshizaki ice maker is approved for indoor or outdoor use and can fit into any decor with either the stainless steel exterior door or a custom cabinetry door.  The door is reversible and is a swing style.  This Hoshizaki ice maker produces what are known as top hat style cubes.  A fully self contained machine, the AM Cuber has a built in storage bin and can produce up to 55 pounds of ice in a twenty four hour period.

The popular KM Cuber Hoshizaki ice maker comes in a wide variety of styles for multiple uses.  It offers fully compartmentalized design and is a sanitary choice with antimicrobial technology built right in.  The KM Cuber produces hard, clear, crescent shaped ice cubes.  This Hoshizaki ice maker is stackable and is perfect for use with fountain drink machines or in hotel ice dispensers.  The various models in this line range in production from 71 all the way up to 2424 pounds of ice in a twenty-four hour period.  The KM Cuber can therefore meet just about any demand for ice when the right model for your needs is selected. 

The KM Cuber Hoshizaki ice maker is available in fully self-contained units and even a marine series.  This ice maker is the powerhouse of the industry and is the choice of many different food service operations of all types and sizes.  The right model for your needs can be found in the lineup if you know precisely what kind of ice production you need and how much ice you need to produce on a daily basis.

The cubelet Hoshizaki ice maker is another popular choice in food service.  It provides small chewable ice cubelets that are great for fountain drinks and other beverage service.  With ice production if up to 1715 pounds in twenty four hours, the cubelet ice maker can meet most demand levels, and provides a popular type of ice cubes that are much like pellets of ice.

Finally, the flaker style of Hoshizaki ice machine is another popular choice in food service, creating flaked ice that is perfect for presentation and for keeping things like fresh seafood cold.  This ice maker can produce up to 2280 pounds of ice in twenty four hours depending on the model.

Whatever your ice needs, there is a Hoshizaki ice maker that can fill them.  With all different types of cubes and ice production, Hoshizaki ice makers are perfect for any commercial use.

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