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All About the Jaguar XK120

All About the Jaguar XK120

As the first post-war sporty number offered by Jaguar, the Jaguar XK120 is a sports car that was manufactured by the British car makers known for their high-end vehicles. Launching into production in 1948, the XK120’s were produced for several years, ultimately ending production in 1954.

Prior To Production

Launched as a roadster at the London Motor Show in 1948, the XK120 was designed to be a test vehicle for the new engine that Jaguar was releasing – the XK engine. The positive attention received at the London Motor show encouraged the founder and primary Jaguar designer to put the XK120 into production.

The XK in the name of this sports car is representative of the Jaguar XK engine that it was initially designed to showcase; the 120 in the name is representative of the car’s top speed: 120 miles per hour. At the time of production, this speed ensured that the XK120 was the fastest standard production vehicle in the world – a world record that Jaguar was incredibly proud of. This incredible speed also made the roadster model of this car highly popular and successful on the racing circuit.

Where To Buy One Of Your Own

If you are an enthusiast of sporty collector cars, consider buying one of these incredible Jaguars. Not only will it make you the talk of your town but what better way to escape for a weekend to the beach or into the country than with your Jaguar XK120. When the car was first released onto the market it was priced at about £1263 which is about $2,500 US; this was a significant amount of money to pay for a car in the 1940’s however that same price would be a veritable steal today! Buyers of the Jaguar XK120 could expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 for a project car that needs a fair amount of work to $130,000 for a fixed head coupe in absolute mint condition.

The first place that you should try in order to locate your Jaguar is your area collector car enthusiast group. Not only will you have the potential to locate a local seller but you might find several useful tips on finding the exact Jaguar that you are in the market for. Fellow Jaguar XK120 enthusiasts will also be a great source to help you to locate affordable replacement parts and skilled mechanics to work on your new vehicle should you find yourself with the need to.

Auto auctions are a great place to find Jaguars that are looking for someone to open them up on a back country road so be sure to research local auctions that may specialize in older cars. Keep in mind that cars that crop up on the auction block are often in need of restoration – be sure that you are willing to put in the time and money required to restore your new acquisition to mint condition.

Your time spent behind the wheel of your Jaguar XK120 is sure to be time that you thoroughly enjoy – whether you are spending time racing against fellow enthusiasts or simply enjoying a drive to nowhere on a long weekend!

Photo courtesy of pedrosimoes7.

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