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All About the Jenn Air Dishwasher

All About the Jenn Air Dishwasher

The Jenn Air Dishwasher is one of the the products in the company’s line of high end kitchen appliances.  Well known for quailty and durability, the Jenn Air dishwasher provides top performance as well as a stylish appearance that fits into both the modern or traditional kitchen look.  A Jenn Air dishwasher makes life easier and promises the best clean for all of your dishes.

There are two models of Jenn Air dishwasher in the current product line.  One is a standard single opening dishwasher and the other is a double drawer style dishwasher.  Both are available in the stainless steel finish as well as with the option for a custome overlay.  The traditional style dishwasher is also available in bronze, white, and a few other color options.  Either way, you can choose the dishwasher that matches your kitchen perfectly.

The Trifecta is the name of the traditional style Jenn Air dishwasher model.  This dishwasher comes with all of the features you would expect from a high end dishwasher.  This includes a quiet operation system that won’t take over your home when it’s running.  The wash system offers many different modes including a top rack only wash and a steam clean option as well.  Other options include a plate warmer, one hour wash and heated dry.  The Trifecta Jenn Air dishwasher is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency and has a stainless steel tall tub to fit your larger dishes.

The second option in the Jenn Air dishwasher product line is the double drawer dishwasher.  This has two separate drawers for the dishes rather than just two racks in one cavity.  It offers the same powerful cleaning as the other dishwasher and many different wash modes.  This Jenn Air dishwasher even as a fan assisted dry cycle to get rid of excess moisture on your dishes after the wash in complete.  The double drawer Jenn Air dishwasher is also Energy Star qualified. 

The Jenn Air dishwasher is sold by the top retailers both online and locally.  Prices vary by retailer, or you can inquire about the pricing structure of the Jenn Air dishwasher you are interested in buying through the company’s website.  There you can also see how the dishwasher looks in a kitchen to determine how it will work for you.  Specifications and full details on each of the two Jenn Air dishwasher models are found on the website as well, allowing you to fully appreciate everything these appliances have to offer as well asn make sure they will suit your needs.

Every Jenn Air dishwasher is covered by a comprehensive warranty and has an extended service plan also available for purchase to protect your investment.  The company stands behind its quality and durability.

Whether it is a full kitchen remodel or simply a dishwasher replacement, the Jenn Air dishwasher is one of the best quality choices available on the market today.  For those who want the high end look and demand quality, the Jenn Air dishwasher should be on the list with the best.

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