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All About the Jenn Air Griddle

All About the Jenn Air Griddle

If your gas or electric range could be transformed into a ready-to-use griddle would you be interested?  If so, you may be in luck, because that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Jenn Air griddle.  Here we will talk about some of the many impressive features of the Jenn Air griddle and provide a few helpful tips for locating one of these affordable griddles for your own range at home.

What is the Jenn Air Griddle?

The Jenn Air griddle is a low cost option for transforming your electric or gas range into a diner-style griddle.  It’s true.  Instead of using a stand-alone griddle that heats unevenly and is a nightmare to clean, the Jenn Air griddle gives you a low-cost option for cooking your favorite griddle-foods just like the pros do.  With the Jenn Air griddle you’ll be able to:

  • Cook all your breakfast favorites including foods such as pancakes, eggs, French toast, bacon, sausage, ham and more.  With plenty of room on the griddle you can turn the arduous and time consuming chore of cooking breakfast into a breeze.
  • Prepare lunch for your family including sandwiches such as grilled cheese and concoct your favorite appetizers and snacks.
  • Cook steaks, chicken, and other dinner favorites without the mess associated with pots and pans.

The Jenn Air griddle installs directly over the grill element on your gas or electric range, providing both convenience and versatility, and with Jenn Air’s patented, non-stick DuPont Silver Stone Supra surface clean up is always a snap.  Gone will be the days of foods that stick and cling to your old pots and pans because Jenn Air’s Excalibur finish ensures that all of your favorite foods will lift cleanly off the grill each and every time. 

All of Jenn Air’s impressive line of griddles weigh less than 8 pounds and can be installed directly over your range top quickly and easily and removed whenever you need to utilize your burners for other cooking chores.

Jenn Air griddles are available in several different sizes so you’re guaranteed to find one that is perfect for your range top, and each is equipped with two quick start elements which allow the griddle to heat up faster than comparable cook top devices and deliver an even heat throughout the griddle.  An indicator light will tell you when the griddle has reached the desired temperature and the built-in timer will let you walk away from your dishes without worrying that your food will burn.

Where Can I Find a Jenn Air Griddle?

If the impressive features of the Jenn Air griddle have captured your attention there are several ways you can pick one up for yourself.  These include:

  • Order direct from the Jenn Air website or check your local listings for a Jenn Air dealer near you.
  • Local appliance and appliance accessory stores
  • Major department stores and discount stores
  • Online auction sites such as ebay
  • Order a Jenn Air griddle through sites such as Amazon or Next Tag

The Jenn Air griddle is an affordable and easy way to turn your very own kitchen into a professional diner, restaurant or coffee shop without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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