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All About the Kohler Steam Shower

All About the Kohler Steam Shower

After a rough day at work stepping into a steam shower can provide you with the ultimate in relaxation; imagine feeling like you have your very own steam shower spa in your home! Before you rush out to purchase the first steam producing product that you find, you should take the time to research the Kohler Steam Shower to find out how it can ideally meet all of your needs.

Getting Steamed

If you are completely renovating your bathroom then you should look into the installation of a complete Kohler steam shower system that will replace your older shower or bathtub. If, however, you would rather keep your existing shower stall or bathtub then Kohler offers a range of system doors that can provide you with the enclosure that you need for your steam shower.

With prices ranging from the mid $800’s up to the $2000 level, you are sure to find a shower option that fits into your budget.

Once you have selected your shower environment you can then move on to the next step of selecting your steam generator. The size steam generator that you purchase should be large enough to provide sufficient amounts of steam into your space without overwhelming you; if you have any doubts about the size steam generator that you need, available in multiple sizes, then you should take the time to reach out to a Kohler representative with all of the details of your steam environment.

There are two types of steam generators from the Kohler steam shower product lineup: the basic generators and the Kohler Fast Response systems that can produce a steam shower within sixty seconds of activation. Selecting the steam generator that works best for you is as simple as determining how often you will be using your steam system and how much steam you would like to generate.

Where To Buy Your Kohler Steam Shower

There are several sources for your new steam shower so it won’t take much in the way of research to track down a reputable retailer. A quick search on the Kohler website for the retailer closest to you can help to provide you with a list of Kohler showrooms, specialty dealers, and home improvement centers that can help you to locate your exact product. An added bonus to visiting a showroom versus purchasing your products online, sight unseen is that you may be able to gain a better understanding about the product installation process.

No one can deny how the positive effects of a soothing steam shower at the end of a crummy stressful day can help to whisk away your negative feelings and leave your whole body refreshed and revitalized. Another benefit to a steam shower is that if you or a member of your family suffers from asthma or severe allergies, spending time in the steamy environment can have great health benefits by opening up the airways. Consider the installation of a Kohler steam shower to help add a little bit of luxury into your home – don’t you deserve it?

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