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All About the Lariat Necklace

All About the Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is a particular style of necklace that gets its name from its resemblance to the cowboy rope also commonly know as a lasso.  A lariat necklace has one main loop that goes around the neck and then has one or several ends dangling down at the front of the neck.  In some cases one end of the necklace loops through the other in a true lariat format, while other simply imitate the look of the lariat and have a clasp at the back.

The lariat necklace can be a longer, more classic lariat style that hangs down fairly far down the chest, or can be shorter as well, almost like a choker with the ends dangling down.  You can purchase a lariat necklace in any precious metal of your choice, from silver to gold to platinum.  There are also costume jewlery options for a lovely lariat necklace that will cost a lot less.

The ends of the lariat necklace that hang down in front are usually ornamented with some form of charm, jewel or other adornment.  This serves more than one purpose – it makes the necklace more beautiful of course, but it also weighs down the ends to ensure that they hang down properly to acheive the look that is intended by the style of the lariat necklace.  The choices for what will adorn the ends are widely varied.

If you want a formal lariat necklace you might choose one with pearls on the ends, perfect for a wedding, fancy evening out or even for everyday wear.  Another common option is to choose a lariat necklace with the recipient’s birthstone on the ends.  This makes an excellent birthday gift.  Another choice is a charm of some sort, which can be in any shape including a heart or circle that can be engraved.  This can contain any words of love you choose, or the recipient’s name, or any other engraving you choose.

The cost of a lariat necklace varies widely.  The value of the metal from which the chain itself is made is a determing factor, while the stone that decorates the ends of the chain can also make a big difference in the cost.  A lariat necklace that is made of silver with a silver charm will be less costly than one that is made of gold and has precious gemstones on the ends of the chain.  There is  lariat neckalce to suit any budget in this wide variety.

You can purchase a lariat necklace from many different locations.  Of course, your local jeweler can help you to select one.  Many major retialers offer them as well.  The internet is a great place to find a wide variety of necklace choices and also to compare prices on the lariat necklace of your choice.  Some retailers can do engraving for you, while others will send it unengraved and you will have to locate an ingraver.  Either way, you can expect to pay an extra fee to have engraving done on a lariat necklace.

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