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All About the Lilyette Minimizer Bra

All About the Lilyette Minimizer Bra

Although many women choose a bra to enhance their cleavage, some prefer the opposite performance from their bra.  The Lilyette minimizer bra accomplishes just that.  Manufactured by Maidenform, one of the biggest names in undergarments for women, the Lilyette minimizer bra will help the full figured woman to look her best at all times.

Many women may find it strange to want to minimize the appearance of the chest, but for those who are full figured and very well endowed, the excess can be a problem.  The right bra is absolutely necessary to help find clothing that fits, as well as to minimize the back pain that can be associated with a large chest.  The Lilyette minimizer bra helps to reduce the size of the chest by up to a cup size and a half, making it easier to keep things under control and wear some of those cute clothes in your wardrobe that you might otherwise find yourself busting out of.  It also offers the best possible support to keep your back free of pain.

The Lilyette minimizer bra is designed to reduce the size of the bust but to keep the shape.  Every woman wants to show off her curves and this is especially true for voluptuous women.  It can be hard to find the right bra to enhance shape without over enhancing the size.  While there are plenty of bra options on the market for women wanting to make the chest appear larger, the Lilyette minimizer bra is one of the few options out there for those who want to tone things down a bit.

Although women with large chests often find it hard to locate a bra that is both supportive and also pretty, the Lilyette minimizer bra takes care of this problem.  It is available in a variety of styles so that you can have both a basic bra to wear every day and also something a lot prettier.  The Lilyette miminizer bra in the Custom Fit lace style is the perfect bra for when you want something that is more attractive for a special occasion.  There is even a strapless version of the Lilyette minimizer bra you can use for dresses that require support without straps.  For full figured women, a strapless bra can be hard to find, but Lilyette provides it.

The Lilyette minimizer bra is made to meet the high quality standards of one of the world’s most popular and longest standing lingerie companies, Maidenform.  This means that you can count on your Lilyette minimizer bra to fit great, feel great, and last for a long time.  Be sure to care for your bra carefully in order to keep it at its best for as long as possible; hand washing is almost always recommended for high quality bras to allow them to keep their proper shape and not become worn out.

With the Lilyette minimizer bra, you can flaunt your curves without anything spilling over the top, and fit into the same cute clothes as smaller busted women.  It is the perfect choice for anyone feeling somewhat overwhelmed by their endowments!

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