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All About the Love Knot Necklace

All About the Love Knot Necklace

A symbol of the connection between two people, the love knot necklace comes in a number of different styles and types.  From the very affordable to the very expensive, there are a wide variety of love knot necklaces on the market to suit every style and every budget.  The hardest part of purchasing a love knot necklace is choosing which one you like best.

One of the best known and most popular love knot necklaces designs is known as the Everlon love knot.  This style of love knot necklace features a pendant that looks like a necktie, with a loop through which a diamond is knotted, also known as the Hercules knot.  It is a simple knot and understated, but the diamond that is at its center makes it a beautiful choice for any woman who likes jewelry that is simple and yet elegant, and does not require anything large or intricate to make a statement.  The Everlon love knot necklace is available in silver, yellow and white gold.  The size of the diamond in the center and the metal of which the necklace is made determines how much you will pay for this love knot necklace, which ranges from the low two hundreds well into the thousands in price. 

Another love knot necklace that has recently gained popularity is the Algerian love knot.  This love knot necklace appearaed in the James Bond film Casino Royale and quickly became a popular gift.  The Algerian love knot features intertwined bands with writing on them.  The original Algerian love knot necklace from the film is only available from the designer, Sophie Harley and sells for nearly three thousand dollars.  However, as the design spread in popularity several similar options appeared on the market selling at more affordable prices.  They are not the exact Algerian love knot necklace, but for those on a budget they are quite similar.

Finally, a third love knot is the True Love Knot necklace which features two bands intertwined around each other to form a clover like design.  Sold by Cross jewelers, this love knot necklace also features a diamond in the center on the larger designs and ranges in price based on the size of the piece and the size of the diamond in the center if any.  Prices start just below four hundred dollars and range up to nearly three thousand five hundred dollars.  This love knot necklace comes in yellow gold only and is available only from Cross jewelers.

All of the love knot necklace designs on the market are unique and special in their own way, and all of them symbolize the never ending and entwined nature of love between two people.  Choosing the right love knot necklace for the woman in your life might take some time, but she is sure to appreciate the time and thought that you put into it.  With so many to choose from, finding the love knot necklace that suits her taste and your budget is possible for everyone.

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