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All About the Mantis Rototiller

All About the Mantis Rototiller

For years, Mantis has been one of the biggest names in gardening, and the Mantis rototiller is one of the best selling products in their line up.  Of all of the popular and highly effective tools manufactured under the Mantis name, the Mantis rototiller is one of the most recognizable.  Great for use in any size yard, the Mantis rototiller makes gardening work that was once back-breaking labor easier to complete, and can be used by just about anyone.

Mantis Rototiller Models

There are several different models of Mantis rototiller on the market designed to suit the needs of all the different types of gardeners out there.  Whether you have a small yard with a basic garden, or a large lot with a wide variety of different gardening needs, there is a Mantis rototiller that will take care of the job.  The four models on the current lineup offer a range of power and pricing options that let you select the Mantis rototiller that is right for you.

2 Cycle Tiller

The smallest and most basic tiller in the Mantis line is the 2 cycle tiller.  With a 9″ tilling width and a 21.2 cc engine, this small and lightweight tiller weighs in at only 20 pounds.  It can handle all kinds of jobs in spite of it’s small size, and is easy to use and maneuver.  With a variable speed throttle and 240 rpm spinning of the tines, any small to medium gardening job can be handled by this model.  It is the most affordable Mantis rototiller as well, making it a great starting model for those new to gardening.

24cc 4 Cycle Mantis Rototiller

A little more powerful and yet not much heavier, the 24 pound 4 cycle Mantis rototiller also has a 9″ tilling width and spins at 240 rpm.  This model doesn’t require any mixing of gas and oil, making it easier to use, and has a 24 cc engine giving it more power.  In spite of having more power, the Honda engine on this Mantis rototiller is actually rated as quieter than the more basic model.  For anyone who wants a bit more power and convenience, this is the perfect choice.

3 Speed Mantis Rototiller

If you want a small rototiller that runs on electricity, there is a 9″ tilling width Mantis rototiller that fits the bill.  The 3 speed 3/4 HP electric tiller can handle the same small to medium jobs as its gas powered counterparts, but you won’t have to handle any gas or oil to use it.

35cc Mantis Rototiller

Finally, if you have a bigger gardening job to do, you want to consider the 16″ tilling width 35 cc Mantis rototiller.  Tilling larger areas faster, this tiller is a great choice for those who have large yards to work in or simply want to get the job done faster.  Of course, this is the most expensive tiller in the line up, but well worth it if you do a lot of gardening and need more power.

Whatever your tilling needs, you can find the right Mantis rototiller to suit them. The Mantis rototiller lineup features small and large tillers running on both gas and electricity, so you can choose exactly what you need.

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