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All About the Mastech Power Supply

All About the Mastech Power Supply

When one is working in the electronic field, you have to have reliable tools. You have to be certain that all variables in your power supply output are completely controlled. A Mastech Power Supply is the champion’s choice when dealing with power.

Mastech is billed as the world’s leader of bench run Direct Current power supplies from its inception in 1985.  Over the years, Mastech Power Supply’s have been ranked the top in variable Direct Current power supplies due to their high level of quality components, reliable line of products, outstanding value and long life spans.

Being the leader of this field hasn’t let them forget who it is that needs this Mastech Power Supply. Mastech offers a volume discount as well as education discounts to lower and higher education schools, trade schools, laboratories and large research organizations all over the world.

A Mastech Power Supply is available in both linear and variable output. The linear supply closely regulates the voltage output by cutting out excess voltage via series dissipative components. These utilize a moderately complex circuit regulator that achieves a very low load and optimizes the line regulation. By regulating the linear power these supplies generate extremely low ripple and minimal output noise in the output. What is ripple? It is the undesirable residual of periodic variation from direct current output via a power supply that converted an alternating current source. The ripple primarily occurs from incomplete suppression of the sign wave in alternating current through a power supply.

Some of the most frequent uses for a Linear Mastech Power Supply are in, low noise amplifiers, processing signal inputs, lab test equipment, automotive diagnostic equipment, controller circuits, data input from multiplexers, sensor banks or any other area that benefits from low ripple.

The switch mode Mastech Power Supply will regulate the output voltage via the complex high frequency switch technique. These have excellent load as well as line regulating abilities but have a slightly higher ripple and increased output noise then what is found in a linear supply in high frequency mode. These also have a slower transient reaction, however they have increased efficiency.

Most applications for a switching Mastech Power Supply are used in a high power or a higher current demanding application, electroplating or anodized rectifier loads and can even be used as a general application power use that requires a controlled high frequency output. They have also found application as an efficient battery charger for Lithium Polymer or LiPo batteries, NiCd, all forms of Lead Acid batteries including flooded, AGM, Gel and SLA, Lithium Manganese and other high demand batteries. Hydrogen generators require a switched power supply, electrolysis and other fuel cell power applications. They are ideal due to their reduced weight, compact size, higher efficiency and wider input power range, longer hold up timing and corrective power factoring capabilities.

With the built in over voltage and over current capacity of protection it is highly recommended to use the EX models for high use battery chargers.

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