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All About the Microbead Pillow

All About the Microbead Pillow

The microbead pillow is a new revolution in pillow comfort that provides better neck and back support while sleeping than any of the traditional pillow types on the market today.  For anyone who has had trouble with pillows that either provide support but are too firm, or are soft but sink in too much and don’t support, the microbead pillow is the perfect alternative. 

Filled with tiny microbeads that move and shift when weight is applied to the pillow, a microbead pillow can move and shift to accomodate the shape of your head.  Once the shape is formed, the microbeads will continue to provide good support without sinking.  There are pillows both for the head as well as for the entire body – a microbead body pillow is a great idea for anyone who has back pain while sleeping, giving the support needed to keep the spine properly aligned and allow for comfortable sleeping all night long.  Pregnant women especially will find this helpful when the growth of the baby makes sleeping uncomfortable.

The microbeads are so tiny that you will not feel them when you lie on the pillow.  This makes the microbead pillow as comfortable to sleep on as down and even more comfortable than a feather pillow in which you can often feel the feathers inside the pillow.  The microbead pillow will return to its original shape easilyand will not become flattened over time like a synthetic or down pillow would.  Many people compare the comfort of the microbead pillow to the memory foam pillow, but find that it is less firm and provides good support without pressure.

You can purchase the microbead pillow at a wide variety of locations both locally and online.  Specialized home stores often carry this type of pillow but may have a limited selection.  Your best choice for finding a good selection of pillows at reasonable prices is to go online and search the many online retailers that sell the microbead pillow.  You will find bed pillows available as well as body pillows and travel pillows. 

The microbead pillow is availabe in a variety of different patterns and colors, especially the travel version of the pillow.  you can pick from your favorite colors.  With a price range comparable to other high quality pillows, the microbead pillow provides great value for the money.  They are durable, long lasting and can be washed in a washer and dryer to keep them clean and smelling fresh.  They will not break down the way that other synthetic pillows can and will not flatten like down and feathers.  You will find that a microbead pillow is a better investment for the money than a memory foam pillow or down pillow, both of which can be very expensive and difficult to care for.

A microbead pillow offers the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep and is a great alternative for anyone who is allergic to feathers or has not been happy with other pillow options.

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