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All About the Microsoft Trackball Mouse

All About the Microsoft Trackball Mouse

The Microsoft Trackball Mouse was designed with comfort, versatility, and performance in mind. Its comfort can be attributed to an ergonomic shape that contours nicely to the right hand, effectively supporting its natural posture. A traditional mouse just does not offer the same usability. That is because the Trackball’s roller is located on top of the mouse, instead of on the bottom as is common with a traditional model. So in addition to comfort, this reconfiguration allows it to remain stationary during use, which means it also requires very little space to operate.

Its versatility is attributed to a number of customizable task buttons, as well as a scroll wheel that makes navigation easy. All of the buttons can be reassigned to perform several different tasks according to the user’s needs. This optimization feature makes this tool a very appealing one. In addition to being a great PC mouse, it is also a great addition to a laptop. Individuals who work in the field, instead of in one particular office would greatly benefit by pairing it with their laptop. Perhaps, more importantly, they are ideal for anyone with a disability that limits hand mobility. One can easily use a thumb to control the ball as opposed to using fingers as is required when using a traditional mouse. It also makes perfect sense for seniors or others who struggle with the pain of arthritis.

The Trackball also offers high-quality performance. Optical technology, which is the backbone of Microsoft’s Trackball, makes it a highly receptive and agile tool. The optical sensor scans fifteen-hundred times per second, which produces a smooth fluidity that allows the user to retain maximum control of the mouse with a minimal amount of movement. In fact, the majority of users rate its quality, performance and comfort at five stars. Now, that is something to think about.

Although Microsoft discontinued production of their Trackball Mouse some time ago, they are still available through both online and offline retailers, as well as on various auction websites. However, as with anything that is highly sought after, rare, collectible, or worth its salt, expect to pay a premium. For a new one, expect to pay at least $360 to $400. However, they have been known to sell for as much as $500. For a used or refurbished one, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $125 or more. On auction sites, it depends on the number of bidders, but they have sold for anywhere from $98 to more than $200.

At any rate, those who have come to appreciate them, remain staunch supporters at almost any price. However, in the end, it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for this piece of ingenuity. If you really think about it, how do you put a price on comfort, versatility, and high performance? As far as a mouse is concerned, I suppose you could say that the Microsoft Trackball Mouse is the Cadillac of them all.

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