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All About the Mini Tiller

All About the Mini Tiller

If you enjoy gardening, or even if you don’t but have a yard to care for, a mini tiller is a great investment.  It is the perfect tool for tilling up small flower beds and gardens to prepare them for planting.  While most people do not need a full size tiller at home, having a mini tiller on hand is an affordable and handy way to take on those back breaking gardening tasks.

Getting a garden or flowerbed ready for planting by hand can be exhausting, but a mini tiller takes a lot of the work out of it.  The right model will allow you to till as close as you need to alongside a sidewalk, a garden edge, grass or patio, without doing any damage.  The smaller size of the mini tiller allows it to get into places that a full size tiller could not manage and easily break up hard soil and loosen it for planting. 

There are a number of mini tiller models on the market, mostly manufactured by big names in the power tool industry such as Craftsman and Honda.  They range in price from around two hundred dollars up to about four hundred dollars.  The price different is usually based on the power of the mini tiller engine and thus the type of job it can take on.

For the smallest tilling jobs, you can probably get by with a smaller engine that has less power and thus spend less money on your mini tiller.  A two cycle mini tiller is usually the smallest and most affordable model.  This type of mini tiller usually has a 25cc to 35cc engine and can handle small flower beds with ease.  Larger mini tillers can range all the way up to a four stroke engine that can take on larger landscaping jobs for big yards or even flowerbeds on large campuses such as businesses or schools.

Look for a mini tiller with a tilling path that is wide enough that you won’t have to make too many passes with it, but narrow enough to fit in smaller areas you might need to till.  A variable depth on the tiller is also a handy feature to let you till as deep as you need to and break up as much of the soil as necessary.  In some cases you will want a shallower tilling depth, while others require a deeper option.  An easy to adjust tilling depth is a key feature of any mini tiller.

You can choose either a gas or electric mini tiller, although the gas models do tend to be a bit more powerful.  The right choice for you is specific to your needs, the size of your landscaping project and of course your budget.

You can pick up a mini tiller wherever gardening tools are sold, from specialty shops to large retailers such as home improvement stores.  A mini tiller will make the difficult task of tilling the earth a lot easier, and prevent you from spending a lot of time breaking up hard soil with a hand tool.

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