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All About the Mitsubishi Montero Limited

All About the Mitsubishi Montero Limited

The Mitsubishi Montero Limited was an upscale version of the Japanese car company’s top selling sport utility vehicle.  Originally called the Mitsubishi Pajero, the SUV was renamed for seveal markets, including the Americas, as the Montero due to slang definitions of the word Pajero.  The first generation started production in 1982, and by the time the luxurious Mitsubishi Montero Limited came into production in 2001 the vehicle already had a long history.

Early models of the Montero were a two door with a short wheel base that was more utility than sports and deifinitely not what would be thought of as a luxury vehicle.  Long before the days when an SUV like the Mitsubishi Montero Limited would become the best selling type of large family vehicle around, SUVs were designed for something less luxurious.  the company soon lengthened the wheel base and added the extra doors, making the vehicle much more friendly for family use.

By the time the Mitsubishi Montero Limited became available the SUV was in its third generation and had come a long way.  In order to compete with rivals like the Toyota Land Cruise, which also had less luxurious beginnings, the Montero made a number of changes and worked to appeal to the same market as the Land Cruiser.  The SUV was given more power and new rack and pinion steering.  It had a much more luxurious interor as well.  

The Mitsubishi Montero Limited was the most luxurious and highest trim level of the third generation of the Montero.  It offered leather seats that were heated in the front, and had seating for seven passengers.  The full-size SUV also allowed for the third row seat to be folded away into the back for more cargo space.  It offered a sunroof and some perks for the driver as well including Active Trac four wheel drive for use even on dry pavement.  The vehicle also upgraded to a five speed automatic transmission from the four sppen used on the lower trim levels.  This vehicle competed against the top trim levels of the Land Cruiser as well as Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition.

Although the Mitsubishi Montero Limited offered many of the same features as competitors often at a better price point, the company did not see strong sales of the vehicle.  This may have been due to difficult economic times driving buyers to smaller more fuel efficient cars.  In 2006 the Montero was pulled completely off the North American market.  However, the SUV continued production in many other markets under the original name of the Pajero and entered into a fourth generation of the model.

The Mitsubishi Montero Limited is available on the used car market and is one of the more affordable choices for those seeking a full size SUV with a high level of luxury and performance.  Although there are fewer on the market than other popular large SUV models, the price point is often lower than American built cars and makes the Montero an economica choice for a used SUV.

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