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All About the Novaform Mattress

All About the Novaform Mattress

The Novaform mattress is a memory foam mattress much like that made by Tempur-pedic.  Memory foam is a unique material that creates a mattress surface that will easily form to the body’s shape and contours and promises a comfortable night’s sleep without the sagging and other problems common in inner spring mattresses.  The Novaform mattress never needs to to flipped or rotated, and give you the same good night’s rest every night for a long time.

The Novaform mattress uses a special technology called NutraTemp to provide a cooler sleeping experience.  Memory foam users often find that the surface, while comfortable, can get hot because it does not breathe the way other mattresses do.  The special design of the Novaform mattress solves this problem.  It provides all of the comfort of memory foam while allowing you to stay cooler and more comfortable through the night.

The Pure Comfort Novaform mattress combines all of the latest technology in memory foam mattresses with an affordable price that makes it a popular choice among those looking for a better night’s sleep than they have gotten on a traditional mattress.  Memory foam reduces pressure points, which means less back and other pain, deeper sleep and a feeling of being more rested in the morning.  

The Novaform mattress comes with a comfortable, high quality jacquard mattress cover that is built into the mattress – it is not removable and can only be spot cleaned, so an additional mattress protector is recommended.  This will prevent damage to your mattress and help it to last a lot longer and stay cleaner.  

Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, the Novaform mattress is perfect for just about anyone, and with the lower price point than the Tempur-pedic and other similar memory foam mattresses, it is more accessible to people on a tighter budget.  Major retailers like Costco and Amazon sell the Novaform mattress, making it easy to locate and get a great deal on.

The Novaform mattress, like other memory foam mattresses, will eventually break down over time and lose the ability to regain its shape.  Like every type of bed, you will eventually need to replace the Novafrom mattress.  But with the lower initial investment, it won’t be a huge loss to have to replace it, and it will still last you a long time.  Most owners of the Novaform mattress are happy with it and feel it is a great choice for a comfortable night’s sleep on a budget.  Still, bear in mind that there is a price to quality connection, and you should anticipate that you might need to replace the Novaform mattress sooner than you would a more expensive model.

The Novaform mattress is a great way to get a memory foam mattress for less, and offers some excellent advanced technology that makes for a very comfortable night’s sleep.  It is best to bear in mind, however, that in some cases you do get what you pay for, so simply be aware that it probably won’t last as long as a higher end mattress.  

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