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All About the Open Heart Necklace

All About the Open Heart Necklace

The Open Heart necklace is one of the peices available from Jane Seymour’s Open Heart jewelry collection.  The actress designed the jewelry based on some watercolor paintings she had done.  The symbolism behind the open heart necklace is the realization that when your heart remains open, it can not be broken.  It is also meant to be a symbol or the goodwill that comes from an open heart. 

The design of the open heart necklace is meant to be a visual not just of the two hearts, open andyet entwined, but also a female figure.  The jewelry collection that Jane designed based on her paintings is now sold in both the United Kingdom and the United States as specific jewelers.  In the United Kingdom, you can purchase the open heart necklace at H Samual Jewelers. In the United States the jewelry collection is sold by Kay Jewelers as well as at Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry. 

In addtion to the open heart necklace, Jane Seymour’s collection includes a variety of other matching pieces.  The open heart design is available in rings, bracelets and more.  The open heart necklace however is the most recognizable as well as the best selling piece in the collection.  Each piece of the open heart collection includes a small diamond in one corner of the open heart design, adding something extra special to the jewelry.  There is a higher end collection as well featuring more diamonds. There are a number of different open heart necklace options that go beyond just the basic design.  Some include wings designed to look like an angel, others have the open heart worked into the wings of a butterfly, and there is a pendant that includes a key with the open heart design.

The open heart necklace is intended to be a wearable reminder of the ideas for which the design created by Seymour stands. It is a symbol to remind us to keep our hearts open in kindness and generosity.  Seymour hopes that the message intended by the design will spread and inspire.

The open heart necklace is a perfect gift for any woman, whether your wife, daughter, or your mother.  The design is modern and yet with a traditional appeal and will be loved by just about any woman who receives it.  You can purchase the open heart necklace either in stores from one of the selected jewelers, or online at any of the websites of the jewelers who carry it.

The prices range for an open heart necklace varies widely, from the basic necklace priced at around fifty dollars all the way up to the Inspirations open heart necklace collection which carries price tags in the thousands.  This means there is an open heart necklace that can fit into any budget and allow every woman the opportunity to wear and enjoy the beautiful open heart design.  The entire collection encompasses a large number of pieces which allows you to pick the one open heart necklace that suits your recipient perfectly.

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