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All About the Pelouze Scale

All About the Pelouze Scale

The Pelouze scale is a highly accurate and very efficient option for weighing mail and packages both at home and in offices.  Whether you are working out of a home office or have a large mailroom where a high volume of mail is being processed and needs to be mailed, the Pelouze scale is the preferred choice for weighing all of your outgoing mail in order ensure accurate postage on letters and parcels.

The Pelouze scale is available in a number of different models that offer a variety of features.  The digital version of the Pelouze scale is an easy to use modern scale that has an esily readable digital screen for accurate weights.  This helps to avoid errors made by misreading an analog scale that could result in incorrect postage which can cause mail to be returned.  This sort of mistake can cause costly delays and decreased customer satisfaction as well as other serious issues.  The digital Pelouze scale is available in several different weight limits and with varying features.  

The digital Pelouze scale starts at the 5 lb maximum weight level.  These scales can accurately weigh letters and small packages that weigh up to 5 pounds.  The next level up is the 10 lb Pelouze scale, which allows you to weight large packages weighing up to 10 lbs.  Finally, the 20 lb digital Pelouze scale is the largest of the models in this class and will allow you to weight larger packages with a range up to 20 pounds.  

The digital Pelouze scale can be connected to your PC or Mac and transfer the information about the weight of the package directly into your computer system.  This can also be connected to online postal and shipping systems and allow you to instantly add the correct amount of postage, print the shipping label and pay the correct shipping cost, all in one easy step.  Simply put, the Pelouze scale will prevent you from ever needing to visit the post office or shipper’s office to get a package weighed and mailed out.  You can simply arrange for pick up of your package when it is ready to go.

The Pelouze scale is also available in the classic mechanical style of scale that does not use digital techonology, for those who prefer it. There are both 2 lb and 5 lb versions of this scale available.  An analog scale is perfect for those who need an affordable and simple method of weighing packages and envelopes for postage either at home or in an office environment.  The 5 lb mechanical scale also includes a  rate calculating dial that can easily be updated to accomodate postage rate changes and also comes with the InstaRate software to make mailing your packages easier.

Whichever Pelouze scale you choose, you will have the most accurate and easiest to use of postage scales available to you any time in order to get all of your mail ready to go in less time.  The Pelouze scale will streamline the mailing process and make certain your packages are always accurately stamped.

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