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All About the Plantronics Cs60

All About the Plantronics Cs60

Plantronics has long been one of the biggest names in wireless headsets, and the Plantronics Cs60 is another one of the long line of excellent, high quality headsets from this company.  The Plantronics Cs60 is an office wireless headset that makes it easy to keeo your hands free while you talk.  It also reduces the neck strain that can result from holding a telephone to your ear with your shoulder while typing on a computer.  A wireless headset is the best choice for anyone whose occupation requires them to be on the phone for a large portion of the day.

The Plantronics Cs60 offers three different ways to wear the headset.  The first is the classic over the head band that holds the ear and mouth pieces in pace.  The second is the over the ear style that has now become very common in headsets, especially those used with mobile phones.  This prevents the headband from getting caught in the wearer’s hair.  The final option for wearing the Plantronics Cs60 headset is using the behind the neck design that is unique to the Plantronics brand.  Many people find this more comfortable than other methods of wearing a headset which can be difficult to adjust to different sized heads and ears.

The Plantronics Cs60 provides crisp, clear calls that allow you to speak even when you are as far as 50 meters away from your desk without static or interference.  This means you can grab that file you need or close your office door for privacy without having to ask the person on the other end of the line to hold.  Call quality will be maintained throughout your conversation and you can talk for up to 9 hours without having to charge the headset, getting you through even the longest workday.

The IntelliStand technology that comes with the Plantronics Cs60 makes it easy to answer a call on your headset – it will sense that you have lifted the headset from the base and automatically direct incoming calls to the headset and answer the call with the headset as you pick it up.  You can even answer calls while wearing the headset and away from your desk, there is no need to be there to push any buttons or direct the call to the headset.

The Plantronics Cs60 ranges in price from around $270 to $360 depending on where you purchase it and what options you want along with it.  You can trust that your investment in this high quality headset will be one worth making; it is backed by the Plantronics name which means you are getting the best in the wireless headset industry.  Plantronics builds all of their headsets to the same high quality standards and stands behind their products.

The Plantronics Cs60 does everything you could want in an office headset and even more.  With the best and most recent technology built into the Cs60, you can answer phone calls your way and never have to interrupt what you are doing to deal with setting up a headset.  For the money, this model is one of the best on the market.

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