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All About the Pride Of Aloha

All About the Pride Of Aloha

The Pride of Aloha is one of the luxury cruise ships owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines registered in Hawaii. The Pride of Aloha cruises the waters between the Hawaiian islands and allows passengers the opportunity to see more of the islands through mutiple ports of call as well as vatange points that are only accessible from the water.  This large and finely appointed cruise ship is one of the most luxurious on the Hawaiian waters.

Like all Norwegian Cruise Lines ships, the Pride of Aloha offers Freestyle Cruising, which is a more relaxed cruise setup that has been desgined by Norwegian to create a simpler experience for passengers.  Meals are not scheduled and passengers can eat whenever they are hungry.  Activities on the ship are available at the passenger’s convenience.  Freestyle Cruising is a departure from the more structered cruise schedules that have been common in the past.

The Pride of Aloha has 11 decks with a passenger capacity of 2,144 people and a staff of 800 people to ensure a safe and comfortable voyage.  The ships maiden voyage was in 1999, and it was refurbished in 2004.  There are a number of places to dine on board the ship, from the buffet to finer dining choices.  Some dining rooms are included in the fare while others have a surcharge for those who want to eat there rather than at the surcharge-free options.

There are a number of cabin choices on board the Pride of Aloha, many of them much smaller than those seen on other cruise ships.  Standard inside cabins come in at a tight 121 sq feet, while outside rooms as well as blacony rooms are only a little larger at 152 square feet.  The larger suites are twice this size for the penthouse suites and four times larger for the Owner’s Suites, of which there are only four on board the ship.  The rooms are all well furnished in spite of the tight quarters.

There are foureen bars and lounges on board the Pride of Aloha, offering plenty of entertainment and place for adults to relax.  From DJ’s to live shows, there are plenty of options for entertainment to keep people of all ages having fun.  In addition to on board entertainment, the Pride of Aloha has an excellent selection of shore excursions where the passengers can get off the ship and enjoy Hawaii a little closer up.  There is something for everyone in the shore excursions, from relaxing shopping or beach visits to exciting choices like hang gliding.

There are also fitness centers and spas on board the ship to provide both a workout and relaxation, no matter what your mood.  With kids and teens only areas as well, the adults can have their own fun while the younger crowd is happy and entertained.  Of course, the ship offers beautiful decks and pool areas where everyone can enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine and find a spot to take in the view. 

The Pride of Aloha sails from Honolulu and offers a range of pricing for all budgets.

Photo courtesy of MPD01605.

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