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All About the Restonic Mattress

All About the Restonic Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be incredibly confusing with all the options that are available on the market today.  The Restonic mattress company aims to take some of the difficulty out of finding the best mattress and also fitting your budget by creating a line of high quality mattress with options to fit every buyer.  With many different models and price points that can meet any budget, a Restonic mattress is the perfect choice for any bedroom, anywhere, and any price.

The best known Restonic mattress line is the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy ComfortCare series.  It has in fact won the prestigious award seven times, making it an easy choice for anyone who is seeking the perfect mattress.  With the innovative Marvelous Middle technology, the ComfortCare series of mattresses provides extra support in the middle of the mattress in order to prevent sagging, a common problem with other mattresses.  It also offers the REstonic Mattress trademarked Superedge Plus, a high density foam edging that improves edge support, allows full use of all the mattress surface and slows the breakdown of the mattress over time.  Finally, the ComfortCare line also features the Restonic Mattress Spiralok Technology, which reduces motion transfer so that two people can share a bed without sharing all of the movements each makes at night.

Also featuring Superedge Plus, the Grand Palais line from Restonic Mattress also provides individual pocketed coils for even less motion transfer and better support from the mattress.  This mattress is built with zones of comfort, providing specific support for each part of the body, from the head to the back to the legs.  This high quality mattress helps you to stay asleep all night and get more rest, waking up more refreshed than ever.

The HealthRest line of Restonic Mattress models offers three different mattresses to meet specific needs.  First, the Magnetic Rest mattress, which uses the simple and yet proven effective technology of magnets to reduce pain and discomfort and improve sleep.  Next, the Restonic Mattress in Memory Foam adapts to your body and then returns to its original shape each day, providing the perfect comfort night after night.  Finally, the Latex mattress, which breathes better than any other mattress on the market, providing a superior sleep as well as a truly hygenic one.

Finally, for those on a tight budget, the Restonic Mattress Value Collection lets you get all of the perks of a great sleep on a Restonic mattress while still fitting into even the tightest budget.  It’s the best sleep you can get for your limited budget.  

You can see and test all of the different Restonic Mattress models at your nearest retailer.  Visit the Restonic Mattress website to easily locate a dealer near you.  With all of the available models, finding a Restonic Mattress that suits you is easy; soon you will be sleeping better than ever before without breaking the bank.  Make your mattress buying decision a simple one; choose a Restonic mattress from the many different models, and sleep soundly.

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