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All About the Rinehart Exhaust

All About the Rinehart Exhaust

Are you a racecar or motorcycle owner interested in an upgrade to your current exhaust system?  Have you checked out some of the systems available at Rinehart Exhaust yet?  Rinehart Exhaust is one of the foremost manufacturers and dealers of aftermarket exhaust systems in the United States, with several options and styles to choose from.  In this article we will provide a bit more information about the Rinehart Company and introduce you to their full line of quality exhaust systems.

About Rinehart Exhaust

Rinehart Exhaust, also known as Rinehart Performance Exhausts, is one of the premiere manufacturers of exhaust systems in the world.  In recent years, Rinehart has taken full advantage of cutting edge technology to make leaps and bounds in the performance exhaust industry, including innovations and advancements in proprietary anti-reversion technology.

Rinehart Exhaust attributes much of their success to their early and continued involvement with competitive motor sports.  Teams like Childress Racing, Rousch Racing and Dale Earnhardt Incorporated have relied on Rinehart Exhaust to deliver cutting edge performance on every exhaust system they install.  And while they could rest on their laurels as the top dog in the performance exhaust game, nothing could be further from the truth.  Rinehart is constantly looking to improve their products through advanced research and development and by hiring the best exhaust engineers and installers in the entire country.

Rinehart Exhaust was founded by its owner Gerald Rinehart over 20 years ago, and he is still extremely active in the design and research of performance exhaust.  What began as a hobby in his garage has now become one of the most respected names in performance exhaust systems with customers ranging from individual bike owners to competitive racing teams.

Types of Rinehart Exhaust Systems

Rinehart Performance Exhaust offers several different types of exhaust systems, and while the polished chrome will instantly give your ride the appearance of world-class performance, the real miracle is how these systems perform.  Types of Rinehart Exhaust include:

  • True Duals.  Rinehart’s true duals offer two 4-inch mufflers in stunning eye-popping chrome or ceramic black.  If dual exhaust is what you are looking for, Rinehart has you covered.
  • Slip On Mufflers.  Turn your present exhaust into a show-room quality exhaust system with Rinehart’s slip-on mufflers.
  • Cross Back Racing Exhaust.  If racing is your thing, Rinehart’s cross back racing exhaust might be just what you need.
  • 2 into 2.  The 2 into 2 exhaust systems is a unique and impressive system featuring beautiful chrome with black ceramic caps
  • 2 into 1.  Transform your dual exhaust into a single, sleek chrome muffler that runs horizontally along the length of your bike.  With this exhaust your motorcycle will always be the talk of the town.

Rinehart Exhaust, specifically the racing and performance exhaust systems, are designed specifically for racing bikes and are not approved to be used on the highway.  If style, performance and sleek appearance are important to you, Rinehart has all you need to transform your ride into a machine that will turn heads wherever you go.

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