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All About the Shure SM7 Microphone

All About the Shure SM7 Microphone

Sound is all around us throughout our lives, providing a background track to our daily activities. Millions of people work to bring the best quality sounds to you in all forms of audio entertainment. If you are one of those milions of people, then you want to make sure that your vocalizations are recorded clearly and cleanly, providing the best quality of sound possible. The first step in guaranteeing this quality is in the purchase of a high-quality microphone.

Shure SM7 microphones have long been known as one of the best quality microphones on the market today. This dynamic microphone is lauded in the music recording industry as an excellent vocal microphone. It was designed to be used for voice overs and broadcasts, like for radio. This focus causes the Shure SM7 microphone to provide a clear, clean recording of vocals without extra hisses or pops that come through lower-quality microphones. This also makes it great for singing vocals, picking up low and high tones with ease.

It’s one thing if you have a specialty recording studio, with treated, sound proof walls made specifically to keep out background noises. But these are expensive, even if you only rent one for temporary use. Recording from home is the cheapest option, but then you get all manner of background noises, from others inside the home to voices or traffic sounds outside.

The Shure SM7 microphone is an excellent solution to this problem. This microphone picks up your voice clearly, but does not pick up room noises, giving you the same sound quality as a condenser. It even filters out unwanted vocal noises with ease, making sure that the sounds that get recorded in the end in your home studio are only the sounds that you wanted to be recorded. This saves you from lengthy processes of editing or even re-recording.

This microphone is relatively inexpensive, which is another reason it makes a great home-studio microphone. The Shure SM7 microphone only costs a few hundred dollars, as opposed to the thousands of dollars that other microphones can cost.

One might assume that, given the low cost of this microphone, that it must be a lower quality microphone than the thousand dollar microphones. Given a choice, those with the money for it would choose the more expensive options – right?

But that assumption would be wrong. The Shure SM7 microphone has been used in many famous recordings. Michael Jackson used it for his Thriller album, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers use it for recording all of their music. Given all the choices on the market, these famous artists chose this inexpensive microphone, testifying to its superior quality.

Vocals aren’t the only use for this microphone, even though that’s what it was designed for. Pearl Jam used the Shure SM7 to record acoustic guitars in a song, relying on this microphone’s abiltiy to provide clear sound without background interference.

If you need a powerful microphone to pick up your recordings without a lot of background noise muddying the recording, the Shure SM7 microphone is an excellent choice for you.

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