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All About the Slant Fin Humidifier

All About the Slant Fin Humidifier

The Slant Fin humidifier provides a unique method of creating virtually germ free steam to help humidify and ease coughs and congestion in people of all ages who are sick or have other conditions that make running a humidifier necessary. The name of the Slant Fin humidifier was recently changed to Enviracaire humidifiers, but the product remains the same and still functions as it did before the name change.

The Slant Fin humidifier uses an ultraviolet light system that helps to kill germs along with boiling of the water in the humidifier to kill nearly every possible germ in the steam that is produced. A common problem of regular warm mist humidifiers is that germs can exist in the steam and consequently make a sick person sicker or a health person sick. The Slant Fin humidifier reduces almost all risk of germs being passed into the air via the steam that is produced.

You can purchase many different models of Slant Fin humidifier. The capacity, output and speed settings vary on the different models, but all of them produce the same safe and soothing steam that the Slant Fin humidifier is known for.

If you are shopping for a Slant Fin humidifier, keep in mind that you will have to look under the name Enviracaire. You should still be able to use Enviracaire filters and replacement parts on older Slant Fin humidifier model, but be sure to double check before you purchase.

For anyone who suffers from allergies or has a skin condition that can be helped by warm, humid air, or for a child with a cold who can’t take any medication, the Slant Fin humidifier will improve health and prevent dangerous germs from entering the air as a result of the water in the tank. For best performance, be sure to clean your Slant Fin humidifier and replace the filter regularly.

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