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All About The Unimat 3

All About The Unimat 3

The Unimat 3 is a small hobby lathe for use on small items and craftwork like musical instruments and miniature models. It has been around since 1976 and is made in Austria, then sold online and in stores around the world. The Unimat 3 is a miniature lathe that replicates the format and function of larger lathes used in machinery and woodworking. Parts, support and maintenance for a Unimat 3 lathe are not difficult to find – its popularity with hobbyists gives it a strong presence in online communities and stores.

The Unimat 3 has eight spindle speeds. Its inner jaws can accept things up to 22mm in diameter and its outside jaws can adjust to allow for 50mm. Its tailstock is not tapered but rather mirrors the headstock spindle threat. The Unimat 3 was released with a 2 speed 95W motor. Some Unimat 3 units have continuously rated motors while others can only operate for approximately 30 minutes at one time.

To allow for different projects and needs, the lathe motor unit can be fitted to a milling and drilling head. The manufacturer of the Unimat 3 also released a good number of accessories for the Unimat 3 to assist with specialty problems and jobs. Many of these accessories are no longer offered, but may be found online if a hobbyist or Unimat 3 owner is selling his or her Unimat 3 or some of its parts.

The Unimat 3 has since been replaced by the Taiwanese Unimat 4, but many hobbyists and model makers still use the Unimat 3 thanks to its ease of use and the depth of online information and advice available about the Unimat 3.

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