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All About the Woolrich Dog Bed

All About the Woolrich Dog Bed

Woolrich, an outdoor clothing supply retailer, has a long history of providing the highest in quality outdoors products. The Woolrich dog bed does not stray from their reputation for providing high quality products that are certain to be put to good use.

A Comfortable Place To Curl Up

Woolrich dog beds are well known for being a comfortable spot for dogs to call their own; their removable soft cotton outer shell combined with a generous inner cushion makes these dog beds a great and comfortable spot for even the pickiest of pups.

In addition to the quality indoor use dogs beds, Woolrich also makes comfortable cushioned pads for use in the back of cars or SUVs.

Ease Of Care

Woolrich dog beds use Nano Technology in order to keep the beds clean, work towards eliminating odors and kill any bacteria naturally. Another great aspect of these dog beds is that they are soft and comfortable while still being sturdy enough to stand up to the abuse put forth by an active dog. The external shell of the Woolrich dog bed can be quickly and easily removed for washing however, thanks to the Nano Technology used in the manufacturing of these beds, they require less washing than the average dog bed. The soft outer shell of the dog bed is highly resistant to liquid and it also resists an accumulation of dirt and oil from the coat of the dogs that use it. The cotton shell can be washed in your washing machine using any laundry detergent; however, manufacturer guidelines suggest avoiding the use of fabric softners and dryer sheets as they may affect the water resistance of the products.

Woolrich dog beds contain a permanent non-toxic antimicrobial solution that actively removes viruses and bacteria that might contribute to an unhealthy environment in your home.

Price Range

For a dog owner in the market for a comfortable and attractive bed for their dogs, the Woolrich dog beds are priced very reasonably to fit every budget. Ranging between $60 and $110 dog owners are sure to find a dog bed that will suit their allotted budget; remember to be a savvy consumer and seek out potential sales on Woolrich dog beds – either from a reputable retailer or from Woolrich directly.

If you are considering one or more types of dog beds, here are a few great facts about the Woolrich dog bed that may help you to make your decision:

  • Competitive and reasonable price range
  • Machine washable
  • Removable external shell
  • Resistant to liquids, dirt, and liquids
  • Contains antimicrobials
  • Eliminates odors, viruses and bacteria

When it comes to selecting a dog bed for your dog, or dogs, be sure that you select the correct size for your pup. If you have large dogs then the bed that they sleep on should be large enough to allow them to comfortably sleep; if you have smaller dogs then there is little need to purchase a bed that is too large for the dogs – why spend more when you simply don’t need to. Woolrich dog beds make an ideal choice for a new bed for your four-legged family members.

Photo courtesy of TheGiantVermin.

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