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All About the Yamaha Bass Guitar

All About the Yamaha Bass Guitar

While a master musician can make anything sound melodic, only a skilled individual can truly appreciate the purity of sound created by a finely-crafted instrument. It is a meeting of souls when a true musician lays hands on a quality instrument, producing an richness and depth of sound that cannot be equaled. It is with this goal in mind that Yamaha creates its bass guitars, crafting instruments worthy to be in the hands of a master.

As each bass player is unique, with a personal style and sound that cannot be imitated, so Yamaha presents several different lines of guitars to meet the variety of needs in the bassist community.

The TRB series is crafted with a longer scale length for crisper low tones while sustaining ideal string tension. With a thirty-five inch neck and five or six strings, there’s nothing a knowledgable bassist can’t do with these beautiful instruments. The improved low-noise pickup make it easy for even a beginner to create stirring music. Additionally, the three-band active circuit allows for a perfect balance of sound, clear, strong, resonant, and with a greater range available for the most challenging of music. These fine basses are created with premium woods, and are available in a variety of colors for even the most demanding bassist’s aesthetic needs.

The RBX series offers progressive designs, determined to meet any musical challenge head-on. These basses are ergonomically designed to create the most comfortable, natural experience possible. With an innovative 3-D headstock unseen in other bass styles, this series is simple to adjust as needed without the body contortions demanded by other instrument manufacturers. In this series we find the RBX4A2M, a groundbreaking development in moving past the weighty models of the past. Using light and resonant softwoods between harder tonewoods, this bass is perfect for sustenance and clarity while being remarkably lightweight and comfortable to play.

The BB series presents a powerful sound, and has been the choice of numerous big name bassists, such as Nathan East and Tony Kanal. Positioned at the front is a ceramic magnet-type pickup, specifically designed to give a powerhouse of sound, a tone unmatchably clear and distinct. Not only that, but this series doubles the power with a bar-type pickup at the rear, effortlessly creating twice the volume found in the typical bar-type pickups. The body has inherited the best of previous Yamaha models while improving on even those designs to provide the master musician with stronger sound and attack.

Lastly, the Signature series is an all-time classic, drawing out the finest of the other series as an offering to the budding bassist for an artisan learning curve, or to the time-honed maestro for a tried-and-true powerhouse. This series also includes the Attitude LTD II, born of a collaboration between Billy Sheehan and Yamaha’s finest craftsmen. This bass is specially modeled to effortlessly provide the giant sound Billy Sheehan is known for. A bevy of features allow for powerful midrange tones and extended recording versatility. Not only that, but this model features the unique Hipshot “D” tuner, a simple switch that drops the “E” string down to a “D” with precision – no special tuning required.

With roots dating back to the 1800′s, Yamaha has always sought to create the best, taking what is known about musical instruments and coming up with innovative methods for improving the sound, the playability, and the style. Their bass guitars are certainly no exception. Whether a beginner seeking to learn or a master in need of a worthy instrument, Yamaha basses are the optimal choice for any bassist.

Photo courtesy of matsuyuki.

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