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All About True Mass

All About True Mass

True Mass is a lean weight gain support powder designed for people who are looking to add lean muscle mass and gain weight, as well as the support the increased metabolic rate of bodybuilders and other highly physically active individuals.  The proprietary blend of proteins, complex carbohydrates as well as medium chain triglycerides and essential fatty acids is designed to provide the best nutrition and help you to reach your weight goals.  True Mass also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids, fiber, glutamine peptides and glutamine alpha ketoglutamate, providing everything you need in a weight gain supplement.

True Mass offers six different types of protein all designed to help build muscle.  It provides a sustained release amino acid complex that continually provides delivery of amino acid nitrogen.  The complex carbohydrate system is an AM – PM blend that is perfect for post workout and continues to provide energy throughout the day and night.  True Mass is the perfect meal replacement shake, providing a wide variety of nutrients that will not only help you reach your weigh gain goals but also provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs for good health and cardiovascular function.  

True Mass is available in five different flavors: banana, chocolate milk shake, vanilla ice cream, strawberry milk shake and cookies and cream.  The Advanced Flavor Technology ensures that all of the True Mass flavors are delicious and enjoyable.  True Mass does not contain the artififical sweetener aspartame.

True Mass is an award winning nutritional supplement that has been proven to work.  Bodycuilding.com has named True Mass the best weight gainer four years in a row, from 2007 through 2010.  You can trust True Mass to provide you with the weight gain you are seeking – the top experts in the bodybuilding world recommend it.  True Mass has also won other awards naming it the best weight gainer on the market.

True Mass is manufactured by top sports nutrition company BSN, which provides lifestyle support nutritional products for not only bodybuilders but also martial arts experts, athletes and the military.  BSN is committed to providing the highest quality products with only the best ingredients and is trusted by fitness experts across the country.  True Mass is only one of the many award winning sports and fitness products from BSN.

You can purchase True Mass directly from the manufacturer via their website, or you can also buy it from a wide variety of sports nutrition retailers.  It is available both online and from your local health and nutrition store.  True Mass comes in a 5.75 pound tub so you will have enough to last through many days of good nutrition and your toughest workouts.  The price for True Mass varies greatly from store to store, so be sure to shop around to get the best deal when you are ready to order.

True Mass will help you to gain lean mass and keep your nutrition on track.  No matter why you are training and what your goals are, you will build muscle and mass faster with True Mass.

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