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All About Wagner Brake Pads

All About Wagner Brake Pads

Your brake pads are a vital part of your car’s proper function, and Wagner brake pads are known in the industry as one of the best around. Wagner brake pads provide not only superior stopping ability, but are also well known for being some of the quietest brake pads on the market. Wagner brake pads are an excellent choice when you need to replace the parts of your brakes.

Wagner brake pads use patented ThermoQuiet technology; a one-piece brake pad that helps to keep braking noise down while also dissipating the heat that is created during braking. Wagner brake pads also employ another patented technology – the EDGE Laser Shaped Friction which is a custom cut friction that does even more to reduce noise when braking.

Wagner brake pads are available for just about any vehicle on the road, from compact cars to light duty trucks and SUVs. They are also available for most car manufacturers and models. Wagner brake pads promise the absolute best in stopping ability along with a quieter braking experience that makes them a top of the line brake for just about any application.

Wagner brake pads are manufactured by the Federal-Mogul Corporation which makes a wide variety of products for the automotive industry as well as other industries across the globe. The 5.3 billion dollar company has the strength and experience to build the best products in the world. Wagner brake pads are just one of the many products that are proof of this commitment.

You can purchase Wagner brake pads online or at local auto part store as well. Wagner brake pads come with a money back guarantee and can be installed by any professional brake experts and mechanics at many auto repair locations. For the best stopping power for your car, Wagner brake pads are an excellent choice.

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