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All About Wild Country Tires

All About Wild Country Tires

Wild Country Tires are, as their name suggest, a type of tire that are designed specifically for the needs of drivers who are taking their vehicle off-road. These tires perform at their best on mud and dirt. They are well-known, however, for being much quieter on the road than most mud tires, a fact that makes them popular among off-roaders who also use them on pavement. Wild Country tires come in multiple different models ranging from all-season highway tires to mud traction tires.

The Wild Country Tires Sport H/T touring tires made for use on vehicles driving mainly on the road provide all-season traction and durability to drivers of SUV’s and crossovers. The Wild Country XTX Sport tire line comes in two different versions of All-Terrain tires that also offer all-season performance with a quiet and smooth ride. The Wild Country SRT II tire is designed with wet weather in mind and is an excellent highway tire for driving in slick, wet conditions. The Wild County Tires Radial MTX is the company’s true mud traction tire, designed with deep grooves that help clear mud away from the tire and provide traction in mud and soft surface driving.

All Wild Country Tires are manufactured and sold by Multi-Mile Tires; they specialize in making tires for uses beyond the everyday and are a popular choice for both all-terrain and performance tires. Their website provides detailed information on all of the various models of Wild Country Tires, which makes it easier to select the tires that are correct for your particular needs.

Each Wild Country Tires model has a perfect use, and they are designed to provide the best in traction and performance no matter where your driving takes you. From the pavement to the mud, in all types of weather, Wild Country Tires keep you moving.

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