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AMI Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

AMI Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

For all of your insurance needs, AMI Insurance can provide a policy to keep you covered.  From house insurance to boat insurance and everything in between, AMI Insurance has the policies you need at the price you can afford to pay.  AMI Insurance is a New Zealand based insurance company providing a comprehensive selection of policies to provide coverage for all of the major investments in your life.

AMI Insurance has been in business in New Zealand since 1926.  This proud history of providing the residents of New Zealand with the right coverage for all of their most important needs continues today and provides the best in protection no matter what your situation.  You can count on AMI Insurance to understand the needs of New Zealand residents and work hard to make sure you are taken care of when things in life don’t go as planned.  As the largest general and fire insurance company in New Zealand, AMI Insurance stands out from the market crowded with foreign insurance companies as your local choice.

AMI House Insurance

AMI Insurance offers a variety of products.  House insurance is one of their best selling products and provides the right coverage no matter what the size or style of your home.  Your house is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, and make sure it is covered properly is a number one priority.  AMI Insurance can make certain you have nothing to worry about.  When you need to make a claim, they will take care of you every step of the way to make a difficult time just a little easier.

AMI Vehicle Insurance

AMI Insurance also offers policies for a wide range of vehicles.  From the basic passenger car policy, to motorcycles and more, you can count on AMI Insurance to have the policy you need.  They can cover any size of car or truck of any make or model.  They also cover motorcycles and caravans or trailers, to make sure you can keep all of your policies in one place.  Caravans aren’t the only pleasure vehicle AMI Insurance will cover.  They also cover a variety of different boats.

AMI Farm Insurance

If you are looking for farm insurance, AMI Insurance has you covered.  They offer the most comprehensive coverage for your farming operation that makes sure your livelihood is protected from the many possible perils that threaten it.  

Multisaver Discounts

AMI Insurance helps you to save money on your policies by offering their Multisaver discounts, which allow you to get a reduced rates on every policy you purchase from the company.  When you insure your home, contents, and auto with AMI Insurance, you will save more money than by purchasing those same policies separately.  AMI Insurance offers you the best way to save money and get all of the coverage you need at the same time, all from the same trusted local insurance company.

AMI Insurance is your home grown, trusted insurance company for just about everything in life you need to get covered.  Call or go online to get a quote on your car, house, contents or any other policy you are looking to obtain.

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