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Ann Arbor Credit Bureau: The Complete Guide

Ann Arbor Credit Bureau: The Complete Guide

The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau is a credit reporting and collections agency based in Ann Arbor Michigan.  The company has been in business since 1924 providing a variety of credit related services to companies.  The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau is one of the most successful collection agencies in the nation, with a very high success rate and handles over $40 billion in delinquent accounts yearly.  Their success rate is higher than the national average and they are known for successfully collecting on some of the most difficult cases to cross any collection agency’s desks.

The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau collects on a wide variety of debts, including medical and dental bills and they compy with all privacy laws and standards.  The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau handles all collections with respect and dignity and is well known for being considered a collection agency people will speak to because of their handling of delicate financial matters. They place no limit on collection time periods and will continue to work on each and every case until they successfully collect the money owed.  This is a big part of their success rate; the collectors do not give up.

Collections is not the only matters that Ann Arbor Credit Bureau can handle.  They also provide screenings for a wide variety of purposes including employment and rental.  This includes commercial credit checks, background checks, criminal record checks and a variety of other screenings to assist with confirming eligibility for a rental or for employment.  Ann Arbor Credit Bureau will provide a comprehensive look into the background of any applicant for a rental or position.

The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau uses the best in security for their systems and their web services, ensuring that highly sensitive client data and credit information is safe from theft or misuse.  They are dedicated to ensuring that they provide the most trusted services in credit reporting and collections as well as their screening processes to make certain errors do not result in credit reporting errors or information being stolen.  

Use of the Ann Arbor Credit Bureau system by clients is available through their website where you can login and access a wide variety of services and reports.  There are separate logins for businesses and attorneys.  This makes it easy to reach the products you need quickly and easily.  Services are also available over the phone.

Each one of the recovery specialists at Ann Arbor Credit Bureau has been trained to handle the high pressure environment of collections and handles each step of the process professionally.  They are also carefully trained in all privacy laws including HIPAA and understand all aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all other laws that pertain the to proper practice of handling credit related issues.  This ensures that every transaction and every communication will be handled with the utmost in discretion and professionalism and always in accordabce with the law.  The Ann Arbor Credit Bureau is dedicated to recovering debts, but handles it in a manner that ensures everyone involved is happy with the end result.

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