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Antique Metal Gliders – A Guide to Finding and Restoring

Antique Metal Gliders – A Guide to Finding and Restoring

When it comes to porch and outdoor furniture, metal gliders are popular for a reason. Their sturdiness and durability make them great choices for an outdoor area, and their gliding mechanism makes for a comfortable and soothing way to enjoy the outdoors. Children enjoy the playful motion of metal gliders, and adults can get cozy and enjoy a cup of tea, a sunset, a book or a nap.

Antique metal gliders are good choices because of their style and strength. Metal patio and porch furniture made in previous decades may be in disrepair now, but in general, antique furniture is of a higher quality and better made. Properly refurbished antique metal gliders will perform far better than newly made, cheaper versions of old metal gliders. If you want something that will stand up for years of outdoor use, choosing from the many available antique metal gliders is a great choice.

Antique metal gliders also have a charm and classiness that many newer metal gliders do not have. The 1950s saw the spread of suburban life, which included green backyards, patio parties, and the need for outdoor furniture that served a need for leisure and togetherness. If you have a fondness for a particular metal glider you remember from childhood, or want to regain some of the idyllic backyard life the 1950s have become symbolic of, antique metal gliders offer the look you need!

Finding Antique Metal Gliders

The internet is a great place to look for antique metal gliders. Google searches for “metal gliders,” “antique metal gliders,” “vintage metal gliders,” and “1950s metal gliders” will yield dozens of results, from Amazon and eBay shopping results to the personal web pages of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who collect and restore metal gliders. By clicking through these links, you can see a variety of options – some are newly made and have the “retro” style of antique metal gliders, while others are truly antique and may or may not need restoration. An internet search for metal gliders will let you compare prices, shipping costs, and styles.

If shipping costs are a concern for you or you want to be able to see your metal glider before purchasing, search for a provider of metal gliders in your area by including the name of your town or your zip code in your Google search. Or, check out the Yellow Pages or local antique stores to track down metal gliders. Call or ask around among furniture and antique stores to locate independent companies or individuals who may have vintage metal gliders to offer.

Restoring Antique Metal Gliders

Because many vintage or antique metal gliders are at least thirty years old, they may need repair. Cushions may need to be replaced, and the gliding mechanisms may be dirty or rusted. If you have found an antique metal glider that needs to be restored, you have a few options.

If you want to restore antique metal gliders yourself, you can find help and resources online. A Google search for “how to restore antique metal gliders” or “restoring metal gliders” will yield plenty of how-to pages and tutorials featuring written advice, photos and video. You can also find a message board or forum for restoration enthusiasts and hobbyists where you can ask questions and get personalized advice. If you have questions about a particular material or part, visit your local hardware store and ask an expert.

If you do not want to restore your own metal glider, there are services that specialize in restoring antique metal gliders. Some of them also sell metal gliders that have been refurbished and restored. You can find these companies through a simple Google search. If you have already found a metal glider you want to buy, ask the seller if he or she knows where you can find restoration services for metal gliders. A properly restored metal glider is a great investment for years to come, and a thorough search for restoration services is definitely worth it!

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