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Automatic Awnings: Everything You Need to Know

Automatic Awnings: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you get a bit too much direct sunlight on your patio, or summer sprinkles send you running indoors regularly, automatic awnings will let you enjoy your outdoor space a lot more often.  The biggest advantage of automatic awnings is that you can use them when you need and and stow them out of the way and out of sight when you do not need them.  They are perfect for everyday or occasional use and make your patio useful even during the hottest summer days or when a light rain would normally send you indoors.

The Cost of Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings are inexpensive when compared to more permanent structures and are also attractive and easy to use.  Most of them can be easily installed yourself, or you can pay a nominal fee to have someone else install it for you.  Once you have it in place, you will have the option to provide shade and shelter whenever you need it, and stow it when you don’t. 

Automatic awnings have a simple motorized system that extends them at the touch of a button and retracts them in much the same way.  This means anyone can use them, no strength required.  The electric systems don’t require much in the way of power, and don’t use any power except during the process of extension and retraction.  Automatic awnings will last much longer because they are not left out in the elements, reducing the chances of wind damage and fading due to sun exposure.  Since you can retract them whenever inclement weather approaches, you don’t need to worry that they will be damaged from heavy rains, hail or snow.  They are a great choice for areas with a lot of different weather patterns.

Automatic awnings are also perfect for areas with heavy sunshine, where the heat of the day makes it impossible to be outside.  Offering shade for the hottest part of the day, your automatic awning can also be retracted when you want to catch some rays and enjoy the warmth, or when the sun has moved on and you want to watch the stars come out in the evening.  

Automatic Awning Brands

There are a number of brands of automatic awnings on the market, with Sunsetter being the best known and probably most popular.  They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to suit any home and match up with your outdoor living space.  Automatic awnings also come in a variety of sizes so that you can cover your patio no matter how large or small it is.  The ease of operation means you won’t ever struggle with a crank again.

Automatic awnings are an affordable way to make your patio more livable during all the hours of the day.  Shade keeps the heat of the day from sending you running for the air conditioning, while protection from the rain means a brief shower won’t ruin a backyard barbecue.  Automatic awnings are the perfect solution for any home or any type of weather, making outdoor activities much more pleasant and convenient.

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