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Axis HT: Know the Facts

Axis HT: Know the Facts

In the world of bodybuilding and improving physical appearance and performance, the BSN Corporation, maker of Axis HT, is becoming very well known.  But before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on this product you should probably understand all the facts.  In this article we will give a brief description of both Axis HT and the BSN Company to help make your decision a bit easier.

About the BSN Company

The BSN Company offers products—formulas and supplements—which have been “scientifically engineered to enhance your physique and performance.” The company is very well-known in the world of bodybuilding, with thousands of well-trained athletes swearing by their products.  Since the company’s inception, they have strived to become one of the leaders in the supplement industry, and on their website they promise to stand behind their products 100%.

Important to note is that the BSN line of products are not steroids, but products aimed at helping the body use its natural resources more efficiently.  Some claim that these products have no scientific basis with regard to performance and physique enhancement and the products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Axis-HT:  The Facts

Those familiar with performance and physique improvement understand just how important the male hormone testosterone is to muscle growth and repair, and Axis-HT is a supplement aimed at amplifying natural testosterone production.  This does not mean that Axis-HT is a hormone in and of itself, but rather an oral supplement that can signal the muscles and cells of the body to make the most of its own innate testosterone production.

Axis-HT is comprised solely of minerals (listed below) which have been shown in several independent tests to aid sleep.  Why is this important?  According to BSN, it is when you sleep that the release of testosterone is most prominent.  Thus, a more restful night sleep can help repair muscles that have been damaged during training and when the supplement is used regularly it can lead to explosive muscle growth.

Axis-HT is designed to be taken three times a day with meals for about 6 weeks.  However the label indicates that the product should NOT be taken for more than 12 consecutive weeks, although they do not say why—perhaps a hint that the product may not be entirely safe when used incorrectly.

According to the BSN website, Axis-HT can help:

  • Maximize your testosterone production
  • Increase muscle gain
  • Support muscle strength and power
  • Help your muscle tissue repair faster
  • Help counter the effects the overtraining

The main ingredients in Axis-HT are actually quite common:  magnesium and zinc.  Both of these minerals are said to help promote a deeper more restful sleep which can help your body repair from damaging workouts which break muscle tissue down.

The reviews of Axis-HT are mixed, with some saying they felt more rested and vigorous after taking the supplement and some revealing they felt absolutely no change—something you may want to consider before investing your hard-earned money into a fancy supplement without any scientific basis.

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