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Bad Boy Buggies: Quiet and Powerful ATVs

Bad Boy Buggies: Quiet and Powerful ATVs

Bad Boy Buggies are a line of electric ATVs with available 4-wheel drive that were developed from golf cart technology. The ATVs are popular with hunters as they are quiet, powerful, and easy to maneuver. The startup company has grown to be one of the top manufacturers of electric ATVs; Bad Boy Buggies has revolutionized the industry with the technology and style of their products.

Why Bad Boy Buggies Are Different

With the all-electric dual motor system used by Bad Boy Buggies, the manufacturers are able to create a very powerful machine that is incredibly quiet. Any hunting enthusiast knows why quiet is important; if you can be heard coming, you will scare away anything in the vicinity. With Bad Boy Buggies, there is no engine noise to scare away wildlife. At the same time, you can still get where you are going easily. Bad Boy Buggies are easy to steer, handle rough terrain perfectly, and come with a wealth of features to make them a favorite.

The Bad Boy Buggies Off-Road Lineup

Bad Boy Buggies currently has four off-road models available. The classic is the original design that made Bad Boy Buggies famous. It has full-time four wheel drive, and a towing capacity of 800 lbs. The classic uses the Bad Boy Buggies dual electric motor for quiet operation. Three cargo spaces are available, a roof rack that can hold up to 50 lbs, a front basket also capable of carrying 50 lbs, and a cargo bed with a 500 lb capacity.

The Bad Boy Buggies LT model is the only two wheel drive model the company manufactures. With a lower price tag, it is the most affordable unit in the Bad Boy Buggies lineup as well. It uses a single motor but can still tow up to 800 lbs, and the cargo limits are only a little lower at 40 lbs for the roof rack and front basket and 400 lbs in the cargo bed.

The Stretch is the largest of the Bad Boy Buggies on the market. It seats four comfortably, and runs on dual electric motors. The Stretch has four wheel drive, a front basket with a 40 lb capacity and a cargo bed with a 500 lb capacity. This model doesn’t feature a roof rack.

The newest model in the Bad Boy Buggies fleet is the XT. This new version of the classic offers more horsepower and torque on the dual motor system. The redesigned XT has the same cargo load capacity as its predecessor but handles more distance and terrain than the previous Bad Boy Buggies version.

Bad Boy Buggies For The Street

Bad Boy Buggies also makes three street-legal models known as LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles). They can be driven on most streets with speed limits under 35 mph. Similar to the off-road versions, the LSV Bad Boy Buggies are available in the Classic, XT, and Stretch models. These quiet and environmentally friendly vehicles are growing in popularity as a replacement for traditional golf carts.

Bad Boy Buggies is on the cutting edge of electric vehicle manufacturing, and will likely continue to expand and improve their ATV and LSV models as these vehicles become even more popular with time.

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