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Bamboo Flooring Pros And Cons

Bamboo Flooring Pros And Cons

One of the latest popular options for residential flooring is bamboo.  Before you make any decision on the flooring for your home however, it is important to consider the bamboo flooring pros and cons and compare it to some of the other options available.  Bamboo flooring is an affordable and eco-friendly option, but may not be as durable as some other flooring choices.  These and other bamboo flooring pros and cons are things you should look at before you select your new flooring.

Of the many bamboo flooring pros and cons, there are a few that come up regularly in discussions of the bamboo option.  On the pros side, one of the first things you will hear about bamboo flooring is that it is an eco-friendly material.  Bamboo is considered a sustainable crop because it grows relatively quickly and can be easily replaced, unlike trees.  The bamboo plant can be harvested more frequently and more easily than can hard woods from trees like oak or pine.  This means it is better for the environment.  Furthermore, the process of harvesting bamboo is safer for the earth as well.  This is one of the biggest points on any list of bamboo flooring pros and cons as more many people a greener alternative is a major goal in any home renovation.

Another of the pros and cons of bamboo flooring is the fact that it is a relatively affordable option, often selling for a third of what many hardwood flooring options go for.  This makes it an easy choice to do an entire home with for a fraction of the cost of hardwood.  The combination of an affordable option that is also eco-friendly makes bamboo a very popular selection.

On the cons side of the bamboo flooring pros and cons list is the fact that bamboo is not quite as durable as some other materials.  It does tend to scratch more easily than a laminate flooring option.  For people who have children or pets, this could become a problem.  Although the issue is mainly cosmetic, many people do not want to put in a brand new floor that will appear scratched and dented in a year or two.  For people who are not hard on their floors and do not have young children or pets, this might not be an issue.  However, especially if you have a large dog with large claws, this could quickly become a problem.

There are other bamboo flooring pros and cons, but these are the main things most people take into consideration.  When it comes to choosing flooring, the right price is important, but so is durability and strength.  You won’t save much money if you have to replace the floors again in a few years.  Of course, to many people, the green choice is the most important thing to consider.  If this tops the importance list for you, then it may be the one thing on the list of bamboo flooring pros and cons that tips the scales for you.  

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