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Bell and Carlson: Excellence in Synthetic Firearm Stocks

Bell and Carlson: Excellence in Synthetic Firearm Stocks

Bell and Carlson is a company well known to gun enthusiasts as manufacturers of high quality synthetic gun stocks. Bell and Carlson create gun stocks from a lightweight but highly durable material composed of fiberglass, aramid and graphite in a wide variety of finishes to suit every taste. The reliability and strength of Bell and Carlson stocks makes them a favorite for shotguns and rifles.

The Bell and Carlson Difference

The stocks manufactured by Bell and Carlson are specially designed to outlast traditional wood stocks as well as providing superior accuracy and portability. The special composition of the Bell and Carlson stock makes it both strong and lightweight. Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -50F to 150F as well as high levels of moisture that would damage a wood stock. Bell and Carlson stocks can absorb recoil from repeated firings without sacrificing accuracy, another issue wood stocks can encounter.

Bell and Carlson stocks are lightweight but sturdy, without the heaviness of wood or the too light feel reminiscent of a toy that some synthetic materials have. This gives a comfortable feeling of solidity without the tiring effects of extra weight.

Installing a Bell and Carlson Stock

Bell and Carlson stocks are designed to bolt easily into your firearm, and in most cases you can do this yourself. For extra surety, the company offers installation at the factory on all of their stock models. In some cases, a little extra work may be needed to get the Bell and Carlson stock to fit properly into your firearm, due to manufacturing differences. Most of this can be done by the firearm’s owner, but again Bell and Carlson will be happy to take care of the installation for you.

Finishes for Bell and Carlson Stocks

Bell and Carlson offers a wide variety of finishes that are both durable and attractive and will suit any personality. Whether you like sold black or camouflage, or something a little different like spider webs, Bell and Carlson has a look you will love. Make sure your finish lasts with the MaxxGuard clear rubberized coating that Bell and Carlson offers for extra protection on their stocks.

Bell and Carlson can even help you improve the look of an old firearm you already have. The recently introduced their Creative Effects service, that can add a finish to an existing stock to make it look like new and match your taste even better. Whatever the look you want, Bell and Carlson can make it happen.

Standing Behind Their Products

Bell and Carlson offer a lifetime warranty on their products. This means that your Bell and Carlson stock will likely be the only one you ever need to purchase. With the quality and strength that goes into every Bell and Carlson stock, even the most particular gun enthusiast will be pleased with a their choice.

Bell and Carlson offers a variety of other accessories to go along with your stock, and also services their stocks if it should be required. The excellence of their products as well as their customer service has made Bell and Carlson the top manufacturer of synthetic firearm stocks today.