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The Benefits of Prescription Spectacles

The Benefits of Prescription Spectacles

We all know that the primary purpose of prescription spectacles is to help you see more clearly, but glasses, for both near and far sighted people, provide several benefits you may not have thought off—benefits that extend well beyond simple vision correction.


If you watch television or go to the movies very often, you may have noticed more and more of the stars sporting the “glasses look” these days. That’s because wearing glasses is “in” again—just one example of the many benefits to be had with prescription spectacles.

You may remember (as I know I do) when wearing glasses meant a drastic, and cosmetically unappealing change for the worse, but today, with literally millions of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, wearing glasses has become almost as fashionable as a new outfit or expensive piece of jewelry. Prescription spectacles have become so popular, in fact, that many people often wear glasses without a prescription in the lenses just because they like the way it looks. Remember: everybody looks at your eyes, so in the world of style enhancement it just makes sense to start with them.


I can still recall—when I was much younger than I am today—my family optician explaining to me that prescription spectacles were one of the best solutions for my overall health, and like any child would do, I proceeded to ask the obligatory, “why?” Even years later I have to give my doctor credit for his quick-wit and timing, for without missing a beat he replied, “so you don’t fall off a cliff.”

Years have passed now since that humorous comment, and fortunately, thanks to my prescription spectacles, I’ve yet to fall off that cliff. Prescription spectacles not only help you to see better, but they also help to slow the progress of natural eyesight deterioration as well. The less difficult it is to see, the less strain there will be on every part of your eyes.

Sunlight, as you may have heard, can also play havoc with your eyesight, and over time can damage you eyes very rapidly if they’re not protected. UV prescription sunglasses, which help to block the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays, can help keep you safe and protected while you enjoy time outdoors.

Function and Protection

With the recent advances in prescription eyewear, more and more people are using them exclusively for specific functions. In sports, for example, many athletes use them to protect against both sun and injury, and in certain construction and manufacturing professions they are used to protect the eye from debris.

Anti-glare technology has made prescription lenses the choice for many people who are light-sensitive, and also for those employed in positions requiring long hours in front of a computer screen.

In summary, prescription spectacles are not just for activities like reading, driving or watching television anymore, and they provide plenty of advantages besides just vision correction. For all of the following: a style which is always on the cutting edge, complete protection from sunlight and debris, functionality and the overall health of your eye, prescription spectacles are a great solution for your vision care needs.