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All About Berghoff Cookware

All About Berghoff Cookware

In the days of healthy eating and organic foods, cooking is becoming increasingly popular, extending from more than just a way of preparing food, but far into the hobby realm as well. The well seasoned cook knows the importance of quality cookware, and even those new to the trade understand the value inherent in buying cookware that will provide years of outstanding use. It is for these reasons, Berghoff Cookware has developed a strong reputation for offering a trusted product that produces the highest quality preparation at a reasonable price.

When it comes to products, Berghoff knows that a simple collection of pots and pans won’t provide the skilled cook with the range of pieces necessary for creating a variety of truly stunning dishes. With this in mind, Berghoff offers more than just quality cookware sets. Berghoff’s quality extends to a number of other cookware products including, but not limited to, grills, woks, and pressure cookers. Of course, no kitchen is complete without an exceptional set of pots and pans.

Berghoff Cookware Product Lines

For the chef in the family, Berghoff Cookware offers a number of different sets including their Invico and Zeno lines. These 16 piece sets come with heavy duty stainless steel casserole pots, skillet, stock pot, and saucepan, all in a stunning mirror finish sure to impress any surprise dinner guests. These are excellent for healthy cooking meals since their design helps preserve the vitamins and minerals that can be lost in some cooking conditions. Berghoff cookware also offers a fantastic assortment of woks, in both stainless steel and cast iron, while their hotel line offers larger cookware options suitable for commercial cooking situations, all with lifetime durability.

Berghoff cookware also offers an extended line of skillets, sauté pans, and frying pans. Options include non-stick Teflon or Ferno-ceramic coatings, cast iron bodies, and stay-cool Bakelite handles for safe handling. These products all offer the even heat distribution necessary for safe and proper cooking, and energy saving fast heat-up. Along with their skillets and pans, Berghoff cookware also has a line of whistling teakettles, roasting pans, and juice extractors. Sold separately are silicone handle sets, perfect for added safety when handling hot metal cookware. These silicone handles are heat resistant up to 160 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the wide assortment of cookware offered by Berghoff, they also offer a number of other products. From BBQ equipment for the grilling enthusiast to the stunning line of flatware and porcelain, the quality of Berghoff cookware extends far past the stovetop. And since cooking is a great way to bring families together, Berghoff cookware even offers a line of children’s cookware, designed especially for little hands. This line allows the little ones to play along as the grown-ups prepare meals, and allows a special opportunity for bonding between a chef and his or her little apprentice.

Care of Berghoff Cookware

While many of Berghoff’s products are dishwasher safe, it’s still best to wash any high quality cookware by hand using soap and water to ensure longevity. In most cases, while Berghoff cookware is exceptionally durable, it’s also recommended that wooden or plastic utensils be used for stirring or sautéing because metal utensils have the tendency to scratch many surfaces. While Berghoff cookware is designed to hold up well in these situations, over time, the use of metal utensils can wear down some ceramic coatings and make the non-stick qualities of pots or pans less effective.

So whether you’re a blossoming beginner in the kitchen, or a seasoned chef looking for a better product, Berghoff is definitely worth checking out. Berghoff is known for exceptional quality and durability. With their wide assortment of product lines and styles, they are sure to have something for every level of expertise and every preference.

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